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Oct 21, 1991

Art You Can Really Get Into

Lance Richbourg draws on his baseball heritage as well as his talent as a painter to create unusual T-shirts

May 06, 1985

How does St. Louis spell relief?

Not N-e-i-l A-l-l-e-n, who can't escape the shadow cast by B-r-u-c-e S-u-t-t-e-r

Jun 13, 1983

Infield Errors Are A Cardinal Sin

The outstanding defense of Taco, T-bone, Oz and Obie (with Rammer in relief) gives St. Louis baseball's best Front Four

Apr 02, 1984


Aug 27, 1984

Hard-headed about hitting

The only sock in the White Sox these days comes from Harold Baines

Jan 28, 1985

As he grows, so grows Navy

David Robinson sprouted to 6'11" and the Middies have never stood taller

Sep 26, 1983

He keeps Cruzing right along

Houston Outfielder Jose Cruz has been a model of hitting consistency

May 07, 1984

It's tough to tee off on this guy

Bryn Smith of the Expos is way above par on the mound

Sep 14, 1987


An art exhibit on the national pastime is on a road trip

May 09, 1983

For Ryan, It Was A Very Special K

Houston's Nolan Ryan became baseball's leading strikeout pitcher, surpassing Walter Johnson, whose record had stood for 56 years

Nov 19, 1984

They've gone Frog wild over Davis

Long-haul scorer Kenneth Davis is leading unbeleevable (8-1) TCU

Jul 08, 1985

Hot Stroke, Hot Streak

The Yankees' Rickey Henderson is having a heat wave and making his opponents sweat

Aug 01, 1983

He's a Thon in their sides

Slick Astro Shortstop Dickie Thon has become a prickly man at the plate

Apr 16, 1984

Not a happy homecoming

The lowly Mariners made it rough on their old manager, Rene Lachemann