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Aug. 16, 1994

JIMMY JEMAIL'S HOT BOX Once upon a Time...

This SI reprint from 1957 recalls the simpler days when only the ump called strikes

March 23, 1959

THE QUESTION: Do you favor legalized off-track betting?

ESTES KEFAUVERU.S. Senator from TennesseeNo. Our crime committee report was unanimous in condemning all kinds of gambling as harmful. Bookmaking ...

Aug. 20, 1956

The Question: What sport attracts the most unsportsmanlike fans?

DICK CHEWNING Whittier, Calif. Company vice-president. If horse racing is regarded as a sport, and I assume it is, that's it. Why? Because there's no ...

Aug. 22, 1955

The Question: Why are you renewing your subscription to SPORTS ILLUSTRATED?

THEODORE R. McKELDINGovernor of Maryland"Because of my love of sports in general. SI gives excellent coverage, and it views all sports. I'm a charter ...

Nov. 24, 1958

THE QUESTION: Is the best football in the U.S. played in the Big Ten?

WALLACE WADECommissioner Southern ConferenceDurham, N.C.Not always. This changes from year to year. The Pacific Coast Conference was very strong ...

March 24, 1958

THE QUESTION: What is your favorite sport, and how much time do you devote to it?

ARTHUR GODFREYTV and radio entertainerNo real favorite, although I do get a great deal of pleasure from my horse Goldie and the other animals on my farm, ...

Dec. 26, 1955

The Question: Would you accept Nashua as a Christmas present? (Asked at Miami Beach, Fla.)

ROY COLLINSGovernor of Florida"Yes. By executive order, I would proclaim him the official Florida State Horse. Isn't it right that the fastest-growing state be ...

March 09, 1959

THE QUESTION: If you had $30,000 to spend for a boat, what kind would you buy?

PAT HOYPresidentSherman and Ambassador hotelsChicagoA converted PT boat. It is fast, big enough for Lake Michigan, a highly maneuverable, very ...

Feb. 11, 1957

The Question: If you saw someone violating the fish and game laws would you report him to a game warden?

DICK CORNISHPresidentMetropolitan Rod and Gun Editors' Assn.Not a novice who unknowingly took one fish more than the limit. But I wouldreport a jacker, ...

Sept. 10, 1956

The Question: What happened to the Pittsburgh Pirates? (After finishing in the cellar five times in the last seven years, the Pirates led the National League as late as June 6.)

BOBBY BRAGANManagerThat's a tough question. In the first 50 games we had the best one-two-three punch in baseball—Ronnie Kline, Bob Friend and Dale ...