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Aug 26, 1968

First Perfect Game in the Major Leagues

The record books call him John Lee Richmond of Brown University—but the name might easily have been Merriwell when he took time off from class to pitch for Worcester against Cleveland

Sep 22, 1969

A Posh Game in a Posh Town

It was precisely the proper setting for the first international polo match in the U.S.: exclusive Newport, R.I. in 1886

Sep 02, 1968

The cradle of tennis was meant to be rocky

The posh Newport Casino, shrine of the white-flannel set, was not really designed as a tennis club at all; it got its start when an uninvited horse wandered into the cottagers' exclusive Reading Room

Oct 07, 1968

How 11 Men of Iron Flattened Harvard, Yale and Dartmouth

Brown's coach hadn't planned it that way, but once his starting team got rolling it seemed silly to bother with substitutes

Oct 16, 1961


One of the most satisfying social ploys, says this home wine maker, is to lift your glass and proclaim, "It's a small wine, but mine own"

Apr 17, 1967

When Harvard Met Brown It Wasn't Ice Polo

A lot of weird games between a lot of scrub teams probably were played on ice before Jan. 19, 1898, but on that day modern intercollegiate hockey competition was officially born

Feb 28, 1966

Max Surkont Went Home Again

After 26 years of playing baseball a journeyman pitcher returned to Pawtucket. He had never really left

Feb 05, 1962

The fighter at home with Yogi Bear

Terry Dowries, who will defend his middleweight title in April, is a cocky Englishman with a strong feeling for 'la vita casalinga'