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Jun 05, 1961

An agony of abundance

Public hunting in national parks? It will be tried this fall, to keep animals from starving

Nov 22, 1965


Late fall is a beautiful season in the Pennsylvania woods, but when the deer hunters come the beauty is best observed from a deep-dug foxhole or the steel safety of a tank

Mar 06, 1961


America's first underwater park preserves and protects the submarine wonders of the coral reef for present and future generations of skin-divers and fishermen

Jul 30, 1962

Owls in the gantries

Down at Cape Canaveral small birds with feathers get almost as much attention as the moon rockets

Jan 15, 1962

A phantom proves real

Once so rare that some people doubted its existence, the tiny key deer is now reported on the increase in the thickets of its Florida isles

May 15, 1961


A rugged Secretary of the Interior puts a posse of investigators in helicopters to visit remote and threatened Rainbow Bridge

Jun 07, 1965

Water wanted for a parched park

A big impoundment in the north and a projected road in the south could choke Florida's Everglades

Feb 03, 1964

A Bird That Blew in the Back Door

While bird watchers had their binoculars down, the cattle egret sneaked quietly into the U.S. and made itself at home

Mar 31, 1958

The Ordeal of the Wood Ibis

America's only true stork is threatened by Florida's disastrous winter

May 02, 1960


In the war against his insect enemies, man has reached the point where his poisons not only kill birds and animals but threaten the human population as well

Jan 21, 1957

Quoth the Raven...Ha, Ha, Ha!

Victim of a legend dreary, Poe's black bird, of insults weary, gives the lie to Edgar's lore: he never, but never, has been heard to say anything resembling: "Nevermore!"

Feb 09, 1959

Beaver trouble in Gatineau Park

Canada's national symbol matches wits with rangers and local citizenry in a friendly war between man and beast

Feb 29, 1960

A Real Wild Town

John Kieran's New York is a delightful jungle of living things, from algae to minks

Jul 08, 1957

A Joy of Donkeys

In Bucks County, Pa., the jackass is man's most beloved friend. Here an avowed leader of the donkey set tells why

Dec 21, 1959

A Real Wild Town

John Kieran's New York is a delightful jungle of living things, from algae to minks