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Sep 08, 2014

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Forget the small-ball, good-writing rule. Football's cultural rise was abetted by a surprisingly rich literary canon

Sep 05, 2005

A One-Way Ticket to Obscurity

That's what being black in the first half of the 20th century meant for Oscar Charleston, the greatest baseball player you've never heard of

Aug 14, 2006

The Last Word

His death in 2002 did not completely silence the unique voice of Million Dollar Baby author F.X. Toole

Jan 31, 2005

One Tough Baby

It may be the most troubled of sports, but boxing still packs a punch in Hollywood. The latest fight film, Clint Eastwood's Million Dollar Baby, just may be the greatest ever

Jun 21, 1993

Of stars and Angels

Once upon a time, Tinseltown was a heavenly place to watch minor league baseball

Sep 06, 1993


Chuck Bednarik, the last of the 60-minute men, was a stalwart at both linebacker and center for the 1960 NFL champion Philadelphia Eagles