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Feb 20, 1995


Putting a fresh on a familiar vacation spot, our fair-haired models paint the island in splendid pastels

Feb 20, 1995


While exploring the rain forest, pristine beaches and mountain resorts, our raven-haired beauties add to the exotic flavor of Latin America's hottest new destination

Feb 07, 1989


C'mon in, the water's fine along Mexico's Pacific Coast—and so are the swimsuits

Feb 11, 1985

She'll Go A-Waltzing Australia With You

The island continent is endowed not only with splendid beaches but also with an intriguing interior, providing a rich and varied backdrop for our annual swimsuit spectacular. Here at Shark Bay on the west coast, Paulina Porizkova stretches out on a cushion of cockleshells in a bikini from Connie Banko ($38). Paulina leaves her imprint on the cover as well, in a lace-and-Lycra suit made in Israel by Gottex ($50).

Feb 15, 1988


West met East for this year's swimsuit extravaganza, set in Thailand, and as these pages attest, the twain hit it off beautifully. That was true also of E.M. Swift and his whirlwind introduction to the Thai sporting life (PAGE 112)

Feb 10, 1986

Ornaments Of Society

Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora: The very names evoke visions of a South Pacific paradise where palm trees sway beside endless beaches and the fragrance of frangipani fills the air. So what better locale for our annual salute to swimsuits than these pillars of the Society Islands?

Mar 17, 1980

A new light on running

With designer John Kubiak's line of training suits, runners have little reason to fear rain, snow or gloom of night

Mar 21, 1977

Now this is one way to travel light

Frank Shorter has come up with running gear that is also dry, cool and warm

Jun 25, 1979

Step right up and say howdy

No mistaking them anymore: the U.S. teams are the ones in the white hats