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Oct 10, 2005

The Homecoming


DOUG FLUTIE is back in the Boston area to finish his career with the Patriots--and to take on fully the never-ending challenge of raising his autistic son

Nov 15, 2004

Four Big Guys In Red


Call them what you want, but the quartet of seniors on Wisconsin's defensive line--the best in the nation--are the heart and soul of the unbeaten Badgers

Aug 01, 2005

Stephen A., As In . . .


... ambitious? ... aggressive? ... asinine? Stephen A. Smith, the lightning-rod NBA commentator who now has his own show on ESPN, has been called much worse. But maybe all those haters--and there are millions of them--aren't seeing the whole picture

Oct 11, 2004

Bouncing Back


A mogul hopes to revive the prospects for the megafirm of sports marketing

Jan 22, 2007

The Lost Photographs


Newfound images document the time when Muhammad Ali, 65 this week, began to transform sports and popular culture

May 16, 2005



There's another side to Randy Moss, the Oakland Raiders' controversial new receiver, but he'd prefer that you didn't knock on his door to find it

Jul 12, 2004

A Life After Wide Right


Thirteen years after missing a Super Bowl-winning field goal, the ex-Bill views his worst moment as a step in the right direction

Jul 24, 2006

Hey, T.O. Are You Ready for Some Football?


Terrell Owens is back--contrite (well, a little), happy and hungry to win a ring with the Cowboys. Believe him at your peril, hate him if you must, but don't ever question his desire

Mar 21, 2005

House Cleaning


In hearings scheduled to begin this week, a congressional committee attempts to discover how far the stain of steroids has spread over baseball

Jan 23, 2006

The Big Man


Commissioner Paul Tagliabue is a tough ex-basketball star, a savvy lawyer hardened at the Pentagon and a fierce intellectual sometimes bored by his job wrangling rich owners and keeping their powerful league safe from all harm. Even in the NFL they call him ...

Jan 10, 2005

The Good Life?


He may be a rich NBA superstar with his own jet, but Tracy McGrady has his worries--like how to rescue the Rockets and how to repair his reputation

Aug 22, 2005

Meet Mr. Humble


Chastened by his failure in the NFL, STEVE SPURRIER is trying to turn South Carolina into an SEC power as a kinder, gentler ball coach--for now, at least

Oct 25, 2004

The Real Thing


Braylon Edwards is the best wideout in the nation and the unquestioned leader of resurgent Michigan. But it took four years for his head to catch up to his talent

Feb 12, 2007

More Than a Big Stick


A smash hit in October in his postseason debut, Mets first baseman Carlos Delgado is a man whose deep-rooted convictions, like his power stroke, were forged when he was a boy in Puerto Rico

Jul 11, 2005

Sports Tribes

Oct 11, 2004

It's All in His Mind


Despite cerebral palsy, Doug Blevins has made himself into one of the most astute kicking coaches in the game

Oct 30, 2006

It's Good to Be Chad


Bengals wideoutCHAD JOHNSON is proof that you can shoot your mouth off without tearing your team apart, that you can goad opponents and still be liked and, best of all, that you can have fun in the NFL

Apr 11, 2005

Past Imperfect


After more than two decades in baseball, Wally Backman landed his dream job: manager of a major league club. That's when his life came crashing down