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Ken McAlpine

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Sep 05, 1994

Eat My Dust

Jeremy McGrath, all of 22, has run his rivals into the ground

May 03, 1993

Daring Doctor of the Deep

On land Terry Maas is an oral surgeon; at sea he's a free diver who hunts huge tuna

Sep 19, 1994

A Peacekeeping Force

Warring gangs downshift at Big Willie Robinson's drag strip

Sep 20, 1993

King of the Off-Road

Always driving solo, Ivan Stewart has won 57 races, including 12 Baja 500s

Oct 21, 1991

Meet a Runnin' and Ridin' Fool

There's precious little fame, to say nothing of riches, in ride and tie, but that doesn't dismay Tom Johnson

Mar 09, 1992

Doc Sandoval Dims for Barcelona

Marathoner Anthony Sandoval, now a cardiologist and the father of five, is trying for the Olympics one more time