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Aug. 22, 1983

Putting It All on the Line

Mary Decker won two golds and Carl Lewis three in track and field's magnificent first World Championships ever

March 08, 1993

John McDonnell

Arkansas track coach John McDonnell also runs beef cattle on a 1500-acre spread beside Grand Lake o' the Cherokees in Oklahoma, about ...

Nov. 12, 2012

First Steps Matter

What a race—and other diversions—can and should mean in the wake of disaster

Jan. 27, 1988

Show On Snow

A Finnish husband and wife can both be first-place finishers

May 02, 1983

The Marathon's Maine Woman

Down East runner Joan Benoit strode into downtown Beantown with a stunning world best—2:22:42

Feb. 10, 1982

Alone amid the throng

There were two great world records set in 1981. Sebastian Coe ran 1:41.72 for 800 meters and Alberto Salazar did 2:08:13 for the marathon.

May 08, 1972

Concentrate on the Chrysanthemums

The marathon is never a bed of roses, but in Japan the contemplation of floral displays wonderfully calms the jitters. To soothe your feet, try vodka

May 23, 1983

Without peer with a spear

Unheralded Tom Petranoff shattered the world javelin record by 9'10"

March 22, 1982


The family of José and Marta Salazar can be traced to the Roman Empire: Now their son is making history, too.

Aug. 15, 1983

Splendor And Agony In Helsinki

As the first World Championships in track and field began, there was victory for some, but for others grievous injury

Dec. 25, 1978

The Good Fight—For 102 Years

Born a century ago, Fred Moore has partaken joyously of what life and sport have offered, and like a good athlete he has always gotten up after a knockdown. His grandson, the marathoner, tells his story

Sept. 05, 1983

Fast Finish To A Long Summer

Sydney Maree had struggled since June, but at Cologne he finally let go—and broke the world 1,500 mark

July 18, 1984


Finland, Known for its male javelin throwers, now has a female champion in Tiina Lillak, who brings to her event a balance of strength and ...

Feb. 24, 1986

Vaulting to the height of confusion

The heralded Billy, Sergei & Joe show laid an egg at the Millrose

June 30, 1986

Up And Out, Up And Away—And Upset

Carl Lewis won the long jump and the 100 at the nationals, but then he faltered in the 200

May 31, 1982

In Sum, It Was Just What He Wanted

Daley Thompson's decathlon score totaled up to 8,707 points, which was more than enough to surpass the world record

June 27, 1983

Flying Far And Fast For A Fabulous Triple

Sprinter-long jumper Carl Lewis became the first three-way winner since 1886 at the U.S. track and field championships

Dec. 21, 1987

Reaching Out to The Kids: JUDI BROWN KING

Judi Brown King, 26, addresses our most ancient cycle of violence, that of the sins of the fathers being visited upon their sons. "We have had ...