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April 08, 2008


April 14 20008 Dear Penpal, Do u think golf is cool?? me nether but my dad took me 2 the MASTRS!! Its this ginormos deal in agusta wich is in ...

July 30, 2007

Laird's Lair

An avid golfer and fisherman gets a (wee) piece of the auld sod

July 06, 1998

All In The Family

By Peter Kuchar Edited by Kevin Cook

What's all the fuss about? I had a super time caddying for myson, Matt, at the U.S. Open. It was like Augusta times two. Wehad huge crowds ...

April 27, 1998

A So-Called Career

By Kristi Coats Edited by Kevin Cook

Winters are the worst. I spent two of my past three wintersworking in a record store and a restaurant. Glamorous, huh? Atleast I've learned that ...

May 04, 1998

The Super Superintendent Turf Wars

By John Lauerman Edited by Kevin Cook

Riviera wants the U.S. Open. To get its wish, the storied LosAngeles club is enduring a makeover by turfmaster Paul Latshaw."I love it," says ...