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Mar 29, 1971

How Risley Lost at Billiards


Strong, skillful and gorgeous, the professor could do everything better than anyone—except when he was shooting pool against real champs

Feb 03, 1969

Hound, Horn and View Halloo for Waterloo


Contrary to myth, it was not Eton's schoolboy athletes that made Wellington's great victory possible. It was the Iron Duke's British proclivity for chasing the fox over the fields and fences of Europe

Nov 18, 1968

Swimming Ben, or How a New Nation Kept Afloat


But for a quirk of fate, one of the Declaration's most important signers might have turned into a London swimming teacher

Apr 08, 1968

Globetrot on a big wheel


Or how to go around the world in a thousand days on a penny-farthing

Feb 17, 1969

Getting up on a High Horse


There was never any particular reason why horses should learn to fly; it just seemed like a good idea so many times

Sep 16, 1968

The Log of a Quaint Canoeist


A 19th century Scotsman named John Macgregor turned the workaday craft of the Indians into a boat for the sportsman

Jan 15, 1968

Frosty Fun at the Fair


Foxes slid on the ice and Londoners learned to skate for the first time in 1683-1684 when the Thames River froze solid

Sep 01, 1969

Hunting the Musk-Ox in Style


Even Eskimos preferred to wait for summertime to get their musk-ox, but one elegant fox hunter from Boston liked his on ice