Mary Frost Mabon

Mary Frost Mabon

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Sep 26, 1960

Thoroughbred of desserts

Suzy Volterra, the Continent's No. 1 horsewoman, serves a dessert worth all of the planning it takes

Oct 06, 1958

Mr. Widener's Quail

A famous sportsman gives his recipe for cooking a famous game bird—and he follows it himself for special friends on his Carolina plantation

Feb 09, 1959

'The people's broth'

Cabbage soup, a famed specialty of the Paris food market, can be just as good at home

Nov 24, 1958

Crab legs, San Francisco style

A giant Alaska crab provides the makings of some famous California dishes

May 04, 1959

El Matador at eve

Barnaby Conrad's San Francisco bar offers bullfight atmosphere, wonderful appetizers

Jan 26, 1959

The jockey who loves to cook

When he isn't taking fences in major steeplechases, French-born Albert Foot takes to the saucepans

Jul 20, 1959

A sportswoman's summer table

Jessie Bancroft Cox, prominent horse show judge, is a superlative hostess as well

Nov 10, 1958

Apple of your tooth

The modest McIntosh is not for show but it has some rare eating qualities

Mar 23, 1959

How to make a perfect omelet

Narcissa Chamberlain, who wrote a book about it, discusses the basic dos and don'ts

Jan 12, 1959

A gentle way with curries

Not everyone can enjoy the fiery Oriental curry dishes; here is a milder but still exotic recipe which is a true curry

Jul 06, 1959

Lunch in Cuernavaca

A Mexican 'caballero' and his lady entertain informally in a magnificent setting

Oct 27, 1958

'Mr. Horse Show' entertains

Amory Haskell, distinguished horseman and a distinguished host, reveals his favorite recipe: a very special lobster dish

Mar 02, 1959

The magic fruit

Remindful of the delight of oranges picked right from the tree in California groves are these fresh-tasting orange desserts

Sep 28, 1959

A royal roast

For the appetites that go with football weather, fillet of beef is a supreme reward

Feb 29, 1960

Golfer's Stroganoff

A former Russian princess who is an active sportswoman has devised this special adaptation of a classic Russian dish