Michael Farber

Michael Farber

Michael Farber was an SI Senior Writer from 1994 to 2014, principally covering hockey. He and Danielle Tétrault have two grown children, Jérémy and Gabrielle, and two grandchildren, Myriam and Vincent. Farber, a New Jersey native, has lived with his wife in Montreal since 1979 although he detests cold weather. Go figure. 

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Dec 05, 2011


Sidney Crosby's blockbuster return shows where the focus in sports belongs

Jun 08, 2009

Containing Crosby

The Red Wings assigned him a personal escort on the ice and draped him with top defenders. Stopping Sid the Kid was the strategy for bringing the silver chalice back to Detroit

Jun 04, 2012


The hapless Kings have rarely risen above second-banana status in L.A., but closing in on their first title, they have a chance to rewrite history

Dec 07, 2009

Triple Threat

One line, three stars, points galore. The Sharks have put together the league's most lethal combination

Jan 25, 2010


A pregame parley between a player and a ref remains frustratingly unresolved

Jul 08, 2013


He was the second choice in the 1969 NBA draft—a very distant second choice, behind Lew Alcindor. Walk would never be an All-Star or lift a team to a title, but he followed the signs (and his dogs) on a path back to where his career began

Aug 18, 2008

Mother Load

Balancing the demands of motherhood and Olympic competition can be heavy lifting, but Melanie Roach and a new generation of women are making it look easy

Jan 26, 2009

Two Strong [Boston: 33-8-4 / San Jose: 33-6-5]

Three years after a trade that led to the remaking of both teams, the Bruins and the Sharks are winning like never before. The two best lines in hockey have plenty to do with that

Sep 19, 2011


In the wake of a tragedy the NHL's players confront their worst fears about leaving North America for Russia and the easy-money KHL

Mar 23, 2009

Be True to Your School

Brackets? Minnesota's high school hockey tournament is a purist's dream

Mar 19, 2012


St. Louis has found its happy groove under coach Ken Hitchcock, who has taken his new club from unheralded to seemingly unbeatable

Sep 21, 2009

Out of the Ashes?

A move to Canada is the best way to fix the NHL's Phoenix disaster

Jul 30, 2012

Higher, Faster, Stronger Kitsch

The Olympics' opening ceremony is less and less about what it should be: the athletes

Mar 01, 2010

Gary, Helloooo

Why the NHL needs to be in the '14 Games

May 05, 2008

Message in a Battle

Personal duels like the one between Avalanche defenseman Adam Foote and Red Wings forward Henrik Zetterberg define the character of the postseason—and determine its outcome

Oct 04, 2010



Nov 10, 2008

Taxing the Rich

A coach shakes up the NHL's plushest team