Michael Finkel

Michael Finkel

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Nov 14, 1994

No Crowds, No Condos, No Cappuccino

All Montana's rustic Turner Mountain has is great runs and great powder

Jan 24, 1994

A Hair-Raising Hero

With his gonzo exploits, extreme skier Glen Plake wows legions of fans

Aug 08, 1994

Volleyball with a Kick

Once played only in Southeast Asia, takraw has gained a foothold in the U.S.

Nov 29, 1993

Fairest of the Fowl

In the fervent world of pigeon racing, top birds command big bucks

Jun 27, 1994

He Knows When to Hold 'Em

With his brash style of play Phil Hellmuth Jr. has won millions at poker

Oct 18, 1993

The Arctic Circle Gambit

For nearly 1,000 years a tiny, desolate island to the north of Iceland was a hotbed of chess

Jun 13, 1994

Land of the Midnight Fun

Old Sol never sets on the golfers who take a swing at Iceland's Arctic Open

Jun 14, 1993

The High and the Mighty

David Levin doesn't have an inflated sense of himself; it's just that he's won ballooning's biggest events

Nov 14, 1994

Here's Mud in Your Eye

Each fall, players in a New England classic get down and indescribably dirty