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Michael Jaffe

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Apr 20, 1994

The Bench

Oct 04, 1993

That's Me in the Spotlight!

The author crows about his golf date with R.E.M.'s Mike Mills, signal rock bassist and sports nut

May 02, 1994

One Live Crew

Princeton's women's boats are fast, funky and all but unbeatable

Nov 29, 1993


Holy (purple) cow, after 32 years of self-imposed exile from postseason play, Williams can once again compete for the national title

Aug 30, 1993

Two of a Kind

Mount Union's Jim Ballard and Baldwin-Wallace's John Koz may be jokers, but they're aces, too—the best quarterbacks in Division III

Jun 28, 1993

At Long Last, Thank You!

Ex-major leaguer Bert Shepard finally met the enemy who saved his life in '44

Feb 10, 1992

Opening That Pearly Gate

The author was in seventh heaven after scoring on none other than Earl (the Pearl) Monroe