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Dec 05, 2011


All-city L.A. wide receiver Dannie Farber was out eating dinner with his girlfriend when he was shot by a gang member

Feb 10, 2014

Smoke Signals

As legalization spreads and some NFL players turn to cannabis, as both a pain reliever and a recreational indulgence, should the NFL consider lifting its ban?

Apr 01, 2013

The Best Player You Never Saw

In clubhouses from Class A to the majors, even superstars such as Albert Pujols still speak in awe of the promise of Brian Cole

Jul 07, 2014

'76 BUCS

The inaugural NFL campaign for Tampa Bay was luckless as well as winless, an injury-plagued disaster that left emotional and physical scars—some of which remain four decades later

Nov 25, 2013

Joint Account

The politics of pot in professional football

Jul 08, 2013


He was one of the most promising teenage athletes in the country—until he left school early, whiffed in the NFL and wound up in prison. Now, after some serious recalibration, has he found the focus to reclaim that promise on a whole new field?

Jun 01, 2015