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Oct 25, 1993

Southern Discomfort

A Virginia town has split along racial lines over a stiff jail sentence meted out to high school basketball star Allen Iverson

Dec 27, 1993

An A+ for the A-10

The Atlantic 10, once easily dismissed, has now made the grade as a conference to be reckoned with

Oct 25, 1993

Only in Amerika

Darius Kasparaitis, Lithuania's madcap gift to the NHL, likes the U.S. Except for opponents and some cops, the feeling is mutual

Jan 10, 1994

Xmas In Vegas

That was just one stop on a dubiously conceived trip that saw Oak Hill play 10 games in 16 days

Nov 22, 1993

The Last Straw

The Browns' cold-fish coach, Bill Belichick, is unpopular in Cleveland, where he did the unthinkable—he cut Bernie Kosar