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Norman Chad

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Jan 27, 1992

Bowl Hype

Sep 14, 1992

Brown vs. Bored of Explanation

The author prefers the wit of Murphy Brown to the glitz of Monday Night Football

Jan 18, 1993

Ironed-Out Mike

During a postfiring media blitz, Mike Ditka proved he could be flat on three networks

Jul 27, 1992

Hell-Brent for Heather

ABC's oft-maligned Brent Musburger hits it straight and true during the British Open

Nov 23, 1992

A Blow to the Senses

Last Friday's fight between TVKO's Al Bernstein and the viewers should have been stopped

Jun 29, 1992

Making Pay-Per-View Pay

By thinking of it as pay-per-share, the author cashed in on Holyfield-Holmes

Nov 02, 1992

The Play Stands

The NFL has corrected a terrible call, instant replay, and this fan is unflaggingly grateful

Feb 03, 1992


A Pregame to Remember

Oct 19, 1992

Wake Me When It's Over

Don't worry if you nod off during the baseball playoffs, they'll still be on when you come to

Aug 10, 1992

Triple Jeopardy

NBC has brought us the Olympics SingleCast and the Olympics TripleCast. One is three times worse than the other

Dec 07, 1992

Whack! Boom! Doink!

Those noises you hear are by John Madden, still the bubbliest—and best—NFL analyst

Jul 13, 1992

My Breakfast with Andre

The author loses his appetite for Wimbledon, and NBC is left with egg on its face

Nov 16, 1992

The Typing Heads

Children are meant to be seen and not heard. Sportswriters are meant to be neither

Feb 03, 1992

Howard Cosell, Signing Off

The Mouth That Roared slips quietly—much too quietly—into retirement

Oct 26, 1992

Why Am I Here?

Tim McCarver makes a non-candidate wish he had a hearing aid he could turn off