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Nov 15, 1993

Wild Night

Evander Holyfield regained the heavyweight title from Riddick Bowe in a fight interrupted by an aerial intruder

Feb 22, 1993

School of Hard Knocks

James Toney won the IBF super middleweight title by teaching Iran Barkley a thing or two about boxing

Jul 05, 1993


In a fight to forget, a rusty Evander Holyfield outlasted a listless Alex Stewart

Dec 13, 1993

Attack of the Killer Tomato Cans

Sixteen heavyweights, ex-cons and ex-champs alike, vied in a pay-per-view tournament won by an overfed and underpaid Tony Tubbs

Mar 01, 1993

Down and Out In Mexico City

Julio Cèsar Chàvez, now 85-0, avenged insults to his country by pounding Greg Haugen into submission

Oct 11, 1993

Bloody Poor Show

Lennox Lewis KO'd countryman Frank Bruno in an uninspired outing

Feb 15, 1993


Riddick Bowe, in the first defense of his heavyweight crown, knocked out aging Michael Dokes in Round 1 for a sorry start to his reign

Feb 28, 1994

Tiny Terror

A bloodied Humberto Gonzalez, all 5'1" of him, ripped the light flyweight title

Mar 15, 1993

Out on a Limb

His injured left arm all but useless, Buddy McGirt lost his WBC welterweight crown to Pernell Whitaker

Jun 19, 1989


Sugar Ray Leonard survived two knockdowns and escaped with a draw in a thrilling rematch against Thomas Hearns

Feb 18, 1991

So Long, Sugar

After taking a beating from Terry Norris, 11 years his junior, Ray Leonard says he is retiring for good

May 25, 1992

Arrest the Alphabet Bandits

Boxing's robber-baron governing bodies are ripping off both the fighters and the fans

Nov 07, 1988


Ignoring commitments and logic, Mike Tyson put his fate in Don King's hands

Jan 29, 1990


Hefty George Foreman moved a step closer to a title fight with Mike Tyson by making quick work of Gerry Cooney

Aug 19, 1991

Short Work

Heavyweight Riddick Bowe stayed undefeated by KO'ing Bruce Seldon in Round 1