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Aug. 16, 1982

He Can Run, But He Can't Hide

The Bears' Walter Payton has trained prodigiously for the new season, but will probably take the same old pounding

July 28, 1980


The date: Feb. 11, 1980. We are driving through a light snow to Chuck Noll's house in suburban Upper St. Clair, south of Pittsburgh. It is starting ...

Sept. 02, 1996


If you're wondering how the Pittsburgh Steelers can come withinan eyelash of a Super Bowl victory and then let the quarterbackwho led them ...

Sept. 03, 1979

NFC East

For DALLAS, the bad news started coming in on July 28 when Tony Dorsett dropped a mirror on his right foot, breaking the big toe. The next ...

Sept. 05, 1994

LT Jim Lachey

Jim Lachey, the Washington Redskins' left tackle, made that move in reverse. From 1981 to '84 he was a guard in Ohio State's meat-grinder ...

Feb. 04, 2002

Dr. Z's Forecast

We've seen this Super Bowl matchup before. We saw it 11 yearsago when Marv Levy's three-wideout, hurry-up Bills offense, adazzling show ...

Oct. 01, 2007

Dr. Z's Forecast

It's startingalready. Never before have I heard serious speculation about a team's chancesof going undefeated as early as September. I'm not ...

July 16, 1997


Two years ago Ray Rhodes exploded on the Philadelphia footballscene like a bolt of lightning. With his uncommon blend ofpassion and ...

Nov. 30, 1998

Dr. Z's Forecast

The Denver hype has now reached Phase Two. Phase One was in lateOctober, when the Broncos handled the Jaguars fairly easily,leading to ...

Dec. 03, 2001

Dr. Z's Forecast

Buddy Ryan used to call it the "slow burn." He hated the softzone, the three-man rush, the schemes that had defendersretreating downfield like ...

Jan. 23, 2006


Here's the thing about blitzing: It can't be a casual thing or a mere change of pace . A coach has to be dedicated to it, and he has to have players ...

Jan. 13, 1986

Those Monsters Again

The Chicago Bears looked mean and played mean while shutting down the beleaguered and bedeviled Giants 21-0

Dec. 13, 2004

Dr. Z's Forecast

You get the feeling the Steelers will go 15--1 this season, which would be better than any of the Chuck Noll--coached Super Bowl teams of the ...

Sept. 06, 2004

1 New England Patriots

The Super Bowl champs aren't standing pat--they've added youngsters to an aging defense and a marquee running back to the mix on offense

Sept. 03, 1979


ABC has a new man in the booth, Fran Tarkenton, with a nickname designed to set him apart from mere mortals—Sir Francis. NBC and CBS ...

May 01, 2006

Dr. Z's Mock Draft

Fearless forecast: Reggie going to the Texans, Matt to the Titans, Vince to the Raiders--and a load of wailing from quarterback-hungry Jets fans

March 06, 1989


The first time I saw Tom Landry was in September 1949, and he was lining up as a defensive halfback—they didn't call them cornerbacks in ...

Jan. 10, 2005

The Best of the Best

Players from postseason squads dominate the selections by SI's resident expert