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Aug. 18, 2008

Brett Propelled

The frenzy surrounding his unretirement has subsided, and now the real work begins for Brett Favre and the Jets. While it doesn't hurt to hope, they might be wise to temper expectations

Feb. 06, 2006

The Defense

Expect surprises, says Dr. Z, as two brilliant coordinators strut their stuff on the grandest stage

Sept. 20, 2004

Dr. Z's Forecast

I NEVER thought of Colts offensive coordinator Tom Moore as a genius when I first knew him in his Steelers days, about 25 years ago. He was ...

Oct. 02, 2000

Dr. Z's Forecast

A week ago Tampa Bay figured to be a mortal lock over thisSunday's opponent, the Redskins. The Bucs were rampaging,averaging a gaudy 31 ...

Oct. 16, 2000

Dr. Z's Forecast

Going into the season, every division except one had anoverwhelming favorite, and together they formed an elite corps ofSuper Bowl ...

Sept. 25, 2000

Dr. Z's Forecast

In the off-season the one September game you'd have circled inred would have been Jacksonville at Indianapolis this Mondaynight. The Colts ...

Sept. 04, 2000

Dr. Z's Forecast

I don't think I've ever seen as much head-scratching at thequarterback position going into the opening week. The exhibitionseason is supposed ...

Oct. 23, 2000

Dr. Z's Forecast

It's time to get serious about this St. Louis phenomenon and askthe question: Can anyone stop the Rams? Surely some eagerdefensive ...

Sept. 05, 2005

2 New York Jets

Chad Pennington's tender shoulder ... a big hole at nosetackle.... Such pivotal issues will decide whether this club goes far in the postseason

Jan. 31, 1994

Dèjà Vu All Over Again

In the rematch no one wanted, the Cowboys will go for two in a row, while the Bills will try to avoid the humiliation of another Super Bowl defeat

Nov. 07, 2005

Dr. Z's Forecast: Indy Payback

Seems that I make the same mistake every time. I look at the Patriots' lineup, and I say, "It's impossible. This time they just don't have the ...

Sept. 12, 1983

In Cincy, The News Isn't Good

Wracked by problems off the field, the Bengals have big trouble on it, too, judging by their 20-10 loss to the Raiders

Sept. 22, 2008

Dr. Z's: Pick of the Week

Aaron Rodgers has memories of the Cowboys, and they're not all bad. Last November, after Brett Favre was injured, Rodgers stepped into the ...

Oct. 09, 2006

Dr. Z's Forecast: Steelers Win Out West

I NEVER like to watch football with people around me because of the distraction, but I needed something to break the pattern of my miserable ...

Oct. 01, 1990


Now 3-0 and committed to L.A., the Raiders are acting like a happy family.

Nov. 03, 1980

Happy days are here again

A failure across the bay, Jim Plunkett has surfaced as a savior for Oakland

Sept. 12, 1994

Still Flying

The coach may be new, but the storyline remains the same—a big victory for Big D

Sept. 15, 2003

Dr. Z's Forecast: Don't expect the Rams to look much better this week, because their problems on offense run much deeper than Kurt Warner

It isn't just Kurt Warner. The Rams' offense is in trouble in a lot of ways. Most important, the springboard that launched the great precision ...