Peter King

Peter King

Peter King, an SI writer since 1989 and senior writer since 1990, has covered pro football at the magazine for a quarter-century. He is now the editor-in-chief of The MMQB, the magazine's microsite on all things football. King lives in Manhattan with wife Ann.

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Dec 14, 1992

'He Has the Strength'

Dennis Byrd of the Jets lies partially paralyzed in a New York hospital, fighting the odds—as he has so often helped others to do

Sep 01, 2008

Guard Duty

Pittsburgh's linemen must police the area around their passer better for the Steelers to make a serious playoff push

Sep 03, 2012


There are posh new digs thanks to a free-spending owner, but the building of a contender begins with the second-year quarterback

Feb 01, 2010

Big Easy Does It

Mardi Gras came early in New Orleans after the Saints dumped the Vikings to give the beleaguered citizens their first Super Bowl

Dec 08, 2008

Formidable Fives

Which offensive lines besides the Giants' are dominating in 2008? Senior writer Peter King ranks the rest of the best

Mar 28, 2011

Back to Prison with Michael Vick

Meeting Florida inmates, the Eagles' QB pushed a message of hope and responsibility

Feb 02, 2009


A sixth ring for Pittsburgh or a historic first for Arizona? It all hinges on whether the NFL's best defense can do what no one else has done in the playoffs: knoc k Larry Fitzgerald off his game

Sep 06, 2010

2 Dallas COWBOYS

An explosive, every-down back is needed, and Felix Jones says he's ready

Nov 07, 2011


Offense has ruled through the first half of 2011, but there have been commanding performances on defense as well

Sep 07, 2009

4 St. Louis RAMS

Attempting a ground-up renovation, a rookie coach hopes his cornerstone will be a raw and respectful rookie tackle