Peter King

Peter King

Peter King, an SI writer since 1989 and senior writer since 1990, has covered pro football at the magazine for a quarter-century. He is now the editor-in-chief of The MMQB, the magazine's microsite on all things football. King lives in Manhattan with wife Ann.

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Nov. 16, 2009

Manning at his Best

With a new coach, new targets and no running game, Peyton Manning is more productive than ever—and the Colts are undefeated. Here's how the league's hardest-working, most cerebral QB is getting it done

Sept. 24, 2012

Deep Impact

On Monday nights during the 1967 NFL season, Fran Tarkenton, the new quarterback of the New York Giants, would drive 15 minutes from his ...

Feb. 08, 2010

Head Games

Sure, the Saints can prevail. All their defense has to do is outsmart Peyton Manning

Dec. 22, 2003

King's Corner

TRADING E-MAIL WITH ... Seahawks QB Matt Hasselbeck, the NFL's ninth-rated passer SI: You're walking through Pike Place Market in ...

Dec. 23, 2002

King's Corner

TRADING E-MAIL WITH ...Cowboys QB Chad Hutchinson, the former Cardinals pitcher SI: What is it about football that drew you back after four ...

April 25, 2011


Despite an explosion in information available to teams over the past two decades —scouting, video, workouts, tests, interviews—picking a ...

Oct. 25, 2010

Patriots vs. Chargers

Both teams should be in crisis, but only one is. When New England dumped Randy Moss on Oct. 6, there was much hand-wringing about the ...

March 26, 2007

4 Houston Astros

MANAGER PHILGARNER fourth season with AstrosTHE THREE dirtiest words around Astros camp this year: World BaseballClassic.

Sept. 03, 2007

The King 500

Andre Johnson over Marvin Harrison? Marc Bulger ahead of Donovan McNabb? A tackle in the top 10? SI's 1-to-500 ranking of the NFL's best is filled with surprises

Feb. 21, 2005

On the Money

The Patriots' Tom Brady is SI's Player of the Year for the way he performed when the stakes were highest

Dec. 04, 2006

Peter King's Corner

HOT READ Entering the season Dallas and Denver had playoff-worthy rosters built to win now, but each team had a shaky veteran at ...

Dec. 22, 2008

The Dream Scheme

Dick LeBeau's revolutionary philosophy—pressure the passer, but keep zones covered—just gets better with age

Sept. 03, 2007

2 Denver Broncos

An off-season of heartache has taught these players that they've got to seize the day--and hold on to their leads

May 01, 2006

The Wrong Stuff

In a first round top-heavy with quarterbacks, fledgling Cleveland wagered the No. 1 pick on Tim Couch of Kentucky. Big mistake

May 14, 2012


Since Junior Seau died, I've been wondering about our part in all of this. The media's part, the hero-creating part, the Seau-as-superhero part.

March 12, 2012


For three years, the NFL says, members of the Saints defense maintained an illicit bounty program, administered by former defensive ...

March 17, 2008

Living Day to Day

Even among U.S. Special Forces soldiers in a war zone, Brett Favre's retirement resonated

April 26, 2010


It's the first three-day draft in NFL history—Round 1 this Thursday night, Rounds 2 and 3 on Friday night, and the final four rounds on ...