Rick Reilly

Rick Reilly

Rick Reilly is a member of the National Sportswriters and Sportscasters Hall of Fame and is an 11 time National Sportswriter of the Year and the author of 11 books. He wrote for Sports Illustrated from 1985 to 2007, and for the last 10 of those years he authored the popular “Life of Reilly” column on the magazine’s backpage, the first signed weekly opinion column in the magazine’s history. He began his career in 1979 for his hometown Boulder (Colo.) Daily Camera while a sophomore at the University of Colorado, from which he graduated in 1981. He wrote for two years at the Camera, two more at the Denver Post and two more at the Los Angeles Times before moving to SI in 1985. After leaving SI, he wrote for and ESPN The Magazine before penning his last column in 2014 to focus on books and screenplays.

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Nov. 25, 2002


He's ranked No. 1 nationally in his class. Basketball coaches ask about him constantly. He'll play more than 80 games this year around the ...

Feb. 26, 2002

Model Athletes

People write to us and complain that supermodels have no placein a sports magazine. But when you really look at it,supermodels and athletes ...

May 14, 2007

Mia's Olympic Mettle

THE FIRST HERO of the 2008 Beijing Olympics stands 5'4" and weighs 108 pounds, including purse. She's 62, runs the 100 meter dash in ...

Dec. 30, 1996


When you saw the man's man, the Aussie's Aussie, letting himself be hugged by the enemy, letting himself break into tears out there before his public, you would ...

March 01, 2004

Van Earl Wrong

As a kid I never wanted to be Joe Namath or Jerry West or even Jim Murray. All I wanted to be was Curt Gowdy, sports announcer and god.

April 16, 2001

Ain't It Grand!

A graybeard and a woman in a large red visor were under the oldoak tree at Augusta National Golf Club on Sunday afternoon,hoping to say ...

March 20, 2006

Not a Pretty Site

Because Barry Bondsso despises the media, fans are often forced to go to his find out how he feels about ...

Oct. 22, 2001

One Man's Super Bowl

E-mail number 32 in my inbox was titled Unbelievable. It wasfrom Comdr. Chip King, the blue-eyed, square-jawed Navy pilotwho allowed me ...

Aug. 12, 1996


This was near Coca-Cola Olympic City, not far from the Coca-ColaRefreshment Plaza and the World of Coca-Cola and the Coca-ColaOfficial ...

Dec. 06, 1999

A Yankee Screwdle Dandy

The most patriotic American I know isn't Ollie North or JohnMcCain or even Pat Boone. The most patriotic American is noteven an American yet.

Oct. 30, 2006

It's Clear Who's Getting Creamed

BREATHE EASY, America. Two of the central players in the BALCO steroids scandal look like they're headed for the clink. One weighs 170 ...

June 01, 1998

A Baseball Savior, Knock on Wood

Every now and then, just when you're ready to burn your Topps, trash your Rawlings and melt your Mr. Coffee, baseball finds a peach-fuzzed kid to remind you ...

Nov. 23, 1998

The Life Of Reilly Uphill Battle for a Downhill Skier

Picabo Street, the Olympic downhiller, is scared. "I'm just notsure I can be fearless anymore," she says. If you know Picabo, your jaw just hit ...

Jan. 18, 1993

Down and Out

The Cowboys are the pride of Dallas once more after whipping Philly

Dec. 07, 1987

These Bills Stack Up

Through the draft and now a big trade, Buffalo has built a tough young defense it can bank on for the future