Rick Reilly

Rick Reilly

Rick Reilly is a member of the National Sportswriters and Sportscasters Hall of Fame and is an 11 time National Sportswriter of the Year and the author of 11 books. He wrote for Sports Illustrated from 1985 to 2007, and for the last 10 of those years he authored the popular “Life of Reilly” column on the magazine’s backpage, the first signed weekly opinion column in the magazine’s history. He began his career in 1979 for his hometown Boulder (Colo.) Daily Camera while a sophomore at the University of Colorado, from which he graduated in 1981. He wrote for two years at the Camera, two more at the Denver Post and two more at the Los Angeles Times before moving to SI in 1985. After leaving SI, he wrote for and ESPN The Magazine before penning his last column in 2014 to focus on books and screenplays.

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Nov. 25, 2002


He's ranked No. 1 nationally in his class. Basketball coaches ask about him constantly. He'll play more than 80 games this year around the ...

Jan. 12, 2004

It's IncrediBowl!

I never thought I'd get it done. Do you realize how many cases of Tums I consumed to get LSU and USC to play in the first-ever straight-up ...

Oct. 04, 2004

Questioned Marks

Did you know that 49.2% of all statistics are misleading? It's true. Take, for instance, Seattle Mariners leadoff hitter Ichiro Suzuki and his quest to ...

May 06, 2002

Black Magic

God bless the muni golfer. God bless the hack, the chop, thescrape. God bless Joey Threejerk over there, trying to hit aseven-iron with one foot ...

Sept. 09, 1987


It was a grim, haunting memory, a picture that stayed with the San Francisco 49ers throughout the off-season: Joe Montana stretched out on the ...

Dec. 08, 2003

Ram Shackled

Sports stinks. Sports can be crueler than a bald man's winning free blow-dries for life. Sports will lift you up in front of the whole assembly, ...

Feb. 21, 2000

The Promise Keeper

You know the coolest thing about Tiger Woods's streak? Nah, not the six straight wins, one of the top 10 feats inmodern sports history. Not the ...

Nov. 15, 1999

Magic's Greatest Trick

Walter Payton is dead. Payne Stewart is dead. Wilt Chamberlainis dead. Joe DiMaggio is dead. And Magic Johnson is alive. He's happier.

May 11, 1987


And now for a movie about how Little League baseball brought unilateral nuclear disarmament and world peace, which should come as a nice ...

Nov. 28, 2005

Nothing is Out-of-Bounds

You've seen films of the Kennedy family playing Thanksgiving touch football, right ? Bobby going long and chowder for everybody? Big freakin' ...

Aug. 11, 2003

Corrupting Our Utes

Thank God for the NCAA. Without it, college sports would have more thugs than a Snoop Dogg video. Last week, for instance, the NCAA ...

Sept. 25, 2006

Swearing off Swearing

YOU AND I have thesame problem. We swear too goddam much. Growing up, theworst my mom ever said was, "Crying in the beer bucket!

April 02, 2007

Dear Greg Oden

GOT TO KNOW you a bit over four days last week in San Antonio as you helped lead Ohio State into the Final Four. Can't remember meeting a ...

Sept. 04, 2006

The People's Choices

Be glad you donot live in Schaumburg, Ill. In Schaumburgthey can't sit in their Barcaloungers and bitch about the Velveeta-brainedmanager ...

Oct. 20, 2003

Worth the Wait

Why do they come? Why do they hang around to watch the slowest high school cross-country runner in America? Why do they want to see a kid ...

Feb. 04, 2002

White Like Me

Look how white I am. Am I lame or what? Can't jump. Can't dance.Can't run. Can't dress. Can't hang. It's O.K. I know I'm a pathetic White Guy.

Sept. 19, 1994


All Arnold Daniel Palmer did was save golf. all he did was bring golf to the truck drivers and the mailmen and the women trying to make three ...

Sept. 20, 2004

The Goods On Barry

Not all the Barry Bonds letters I get are written in blood, crayon or words cut out of magazines. For instance, there's one, from Taylor Pruitt, who ...