Rick Telander

Rick Telander

Rick Telander began his writing career after graduating from Northwestern where he was a 4-year scholarship football player and an English lit major.  His first major piece was for Sports Illustrated, describing the heartbreak of being cut by the Kansas City Chiefs. He worked as a waiter, played guitar in his band, the Del-Crustaceans, and hopped freights for years while freelance writing. His heroes are his father, Henry Miller, Jack Kerouac, and former Bradley basketball player Chet Walker.

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Feb. 09, 1995

12 Drew Bledsoe

HE'S PRETTY cool, this guy Bledsoe. He's 6 ft. 5 in., 230 pounds,and he stands in the pocket, head on a swivel, patting the ball theway you ...

May 19, 1986

Stopped In Mid-stride

Felled by an ominous knee injury, Atlanta running back William Andrews is attempting a comeback after missing two seasons

Sept. 07, 1992

Pull the Plug on the Preseason

Does anybody besides insecure NFL coaches and greedy owners see value in this charade?

Feb. 16, 1995

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED The 49ers did what they were built to do: beat Dallas for the title

The rain had been coming down all week, as if California needed something to keep its little streak of ''events'' going -- things like earthquakes ...

March 04, 1991

A Hawk Soars Higher

Dominique Wilkins of Atlanta is having the best year of his long career