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Mar 29, 1993

Spoiled Sport

Inclement weather marred the Lipton Championships, but not as much as players' whiny behavior

Oct 24, 1994

Catch This!

Despite reports to the contrary, Auburn hasn't Won 18 games in row by being lucky. Just ask shell-shocked Florida

Feb 22, 1993

Twin Killer

UCLA's Natalie Williams has set her sights on a double dip: She wants to win Olympic gold medals in both volleyball and basketball

Nov 08, 1993

Pulling Out of Reach

Undefeated Nebraska has started to run away from the rest of the Big Eight

Jul 05, 1993

Comic Strip

Andre Agassi, fatter, funnier and less hirsute, made a smash return at Wimbledon

May 09, 1994


Fans are bored, TV ratings are down, equipment sales are soft, and most pros seem to be prima donnas who don't care about anything but money. What can be done to save this sinking sport?

Oct 25, 1993

the mouth that roars

As one of 17 children, Dallas wideout Michael Irvin battled for his share of food, and he has never lost his hunger—or the ability to be heard above the din

Sep 05, 1994

Natural Born Killer

Pete Sampras seems aloof, but he burns to destroy all comers on the court