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Oct 03, 1983

It Isn't America's Cup Any Longer


Challenger Australia II staged a dramatic comeback to defeat Liberty and break the U.S.'s 132-year winning streak

May 23, 1983

The New Bella Of The Ball


Italy is making its America's Cup debut with a 12-meter named Azzurra and an attitude best described as romantically realistic

Sep 12, 1983

Liberty Is Free To Face A Fierce Foe


After beating Courageous five times in six races, Liberty was chosen to defend the America's Cup in what may be the stiffest challenge ever

Aug 29, 1983

Not the usual sort of champion


An amateur to the core, Jay Sigel is taking aim at another U.S. title

May 14, 1984

'This One Was For My Friends'


A man of rare graciousness in his years of despair, Ben Crenshaw is still that after his epic Masters win

Aug 08, 1983

The intrigue lies down under


Australia II is tops among Cup challengers, but with a debatable bottom

May 30, 1983

Alone No Longer


After eight months of adventure, the solo circumnavigators in the BOC race have returned, led by Philippe Jeantot

Sep 26, 1983

Is There A Change In The Wind?


In the America's Cup the Aussies, though behind 2-1, were so awesome it seemed possible that after 132 years the Auld Mug could go Down Under

Jul 18, 1984

A Candidate For Chairman Of The Board


After losing 20 pounds, former heavyweight boardsailor Klaus Maran is almost as thin as the air that may propel him to a gold medal in one of the new Olympic sports

Sep 01, 1983

'Hey, Wait A Minute! I Want To Talk'


John Madden has burst upon the American scene as few others in sport, but contrary to his bull-in-a-beer-ad image, he loves nothing more than good quiet conversation, and his skill as a communicator is the key to his success both as a football coach and as a broadcaster

Jun 04, 1984



Golf's best-kept secret, these six spectacular Irish links represent the essence of the game, and there are no six-hour waiting times

Aug 29, 1983

A Bloke With Designs On The Cup


Is it Ben Lexcen's controversial keel that makes Australia II so fast? An edgy Newport waits and wonders

Mar 05, 1984

Diva really hit the high seas


A German donna was prima in the SORC, the No. 1 regatta in the U.S.

Jul 11, 1983

A Grand Old Girl Steals The Show


Courageous gave a special magic to surprisingly close U.S. trials as America's Cup competition began

Jun 16, 1980

Reflections of an Older America


The snow-topped Tetons shimmering in the Wyoming sun; a wild horse grazing in a marsh off the coast of Georgia; the howl from a coyote in the Arizona desert; the wind sighing through the pines of a California park; blueberry muffins on a summer morning in Maine: these are some of the reasons that visitors return year after year to the five American hostelries described in the following essays. In deference to the glory of the surroundings, the style of these spots—inns, hotels, a dude ranch—is low key. Each exists solely to complement and, whenever possible, to enhance the enjoyment of its natural setting. Each attracts a clientele that loves nature, values solitude, would rather watch a sunset than a television set, but also has a healthy regard for clean sheets, hot showers and good food. These are distinctive places for discerning people.

Jul 19, 1982



Sports, organized and free-form, participant and spectator, abound around and about Seattle, fostering civic pride and an uncommon urban vigor

Apr 11, 1977



Some thought her past her prime, but Kathy Whitworth earned the richest prize of her career, holding off youth in the Colgate-Dinah Shore