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May 03, 1993

Paving the Way to Indy

If Scott Goodyear doesn't win the 500, it won't be because he was unprepared

Sep 07, 1992

Brave New Sports World

Computers are wising up and preparing to take a byte out of today's coaches and managers

Nov 30, 1992

The Family Man

Heavyweight champion Riddick Bowe fancies himself a humorist, but he's dead serious about living up to his nickname: Big Daddy

Nov 02, 1992

Becoming One with a Five-Iron

Duffers get in touch with their swings—and one another—at a holistic golf clinic

Oct 19, 1992

Mr. Greatwrench

As his cars blew by everybody else's, Dale Armstrong became drag racing's ultimate grease monkey

Oct 05, 1992

A Coach's Brush with Fame

Tubby Raymond is the University of Delaware's longtime football coach—and resident artist

Nov 30, 1992

From Russia with Glove

Sergei Kobozev hopes to make a name for himself as a fighter in the United States

Oct 26, 1992

Father to Son

Michael Andretti, like his dad, Mario, is going from Indy Cars to Formula One

Oct 05, 1992

Rename This Column!

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