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Nov. 02, 2015

Ruck & Roll

AT FIRST GLANCE the Rugby World Cup is the greatest celebration of national stereotypes since It's a Small World opened at Disneyland.

Aug. 24, 2015

Dating Game

MICHAEL JORDAN was born on the same day in 1963 as Larry the Cable Guy, which explains their fraternal-twin slogans of Just do it and Git ...

Sept. 27, 1993

Willie Mosconi

He always wore a pocket square. Say that for Willie Mosconi: The man could fill a pocket with style. The (under)world of pocket billiards was ...

March 24, 2003

French Toast

Inspired by our leaders in Congress (whose cafeteria now calls french fries " freedom fries") and by New Jersey restaurant owner Anthony Tola ...

April 11, 2016

What's Your Displeasure?

AT THE RISK OF RAINING on someone else's parade, baseball in April consists principally of (1) rain and (2) someone else's parade.

July 21, 2014


SOMEWHERE IN Mpumalanga, on the road to Mala Mala, the terrain began to look vaguely Minnesota—"Foreign but familiar," said my ...

Nov. 08, 2004

Ads Nauseam

In America last year, more newborns were named Armani (518) than Ann (494). The number of infants called Lexus and Mercedes (1206) ...

May 30, 2005

R.I.P. 6-4-3

Manny Gluck died last week after 50 years as a vendor at Yankee Stadium, where he sold scorecards and programs, words always twinned in ...

March 06, 2013


LIKE VENUS or Jesus or Elvis, NCAA tournament brackets have been rendered in every conceivable medium, artistic and otherwise. They're ...

Nov. 17, 2014

Dante's Paradise

THREE MONTHS after he was born—the umbilical cord wrapped twice around his neck—Dante Chiappetta was declared blind. "If he can't see ...

Oct. 06, 2014

Keeping It Real

You think you're a real man? The question is open to everyone, as you needn't be real (see James Bond) or even a man (Margaret Thatcher) to ...

Oct. 17, 2005

A Double Whammy

Of the many good things in sports that come in twos--foul shots, Williams sisters, new racquetballs--there is nothing as sublime as a ...

Jan. 30, 2006

On Golden Ponds

If you've ever played goalie on a frozen lake--your blocker made from wood paneling duct-taped to an oven mitt, your Stanley Cup an empty ...

Dec. 29, 2003

Yule Be Amazed

Nearly 350 years ago Isaac Newton watched an apple fall to earth, giving birth (in a manner of speaking) to gravity, without which Nellie Fox ...

June 16, 2003

¬°Tacos and Ice!

In San Antonio, Spurs brake for goose bumps, not speed bumps, as when Steve Kerr steered onto his street after Game 6 of the Western ...

Aug. 18, 2003

Emerald Isle Hopping

In Ireland, when a caddie says, "Yer too farty," he does not mean that you're excessively flatulent but rather that you're 240 yards from the green ...

Aug. 08, 2005

Talk About Hazards

Life is a blind tee shot. Ten years ago, with no idea of what lay ahead, two college golfers aspired to greatness. Dan Rooney of Kansas held a ...

Dec. 30, 2013

And in Closing ...

No one cares about great beginnings. The phrase isn't "famous first words," and there's no Birth of a Salesman or First Tango in Paris. Who can ...