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June 08, 1981

Catch Chicago's New Act

There's a hit show on the South Side, with newcomers Carlton Fisk and Greg Luzinski socko in the starring roles

Aug. 25, 1980

Now the Race is On

Five wins in seven games with New York have put the Orioles in hot pursuit of another AL East title

March 06, 1989


And so it goesfor Chuck Nevitt, oh, about 25 times a day. He answers every question about hisheight with uncommon civility, and he readily ...

April 02, 1984


Upon throwing a home-run ball, a pitcher should remain calm, paw the dirt a couple of times, take a deep breath and prepare to face the next ...

Feb. 21, 1994

Robin Yount

When former Brave great Henry Aaron returned to Milwaukee's County Stadium on the opening day of the 1975 season to play for the Brewers, ...

Jan. 24, 1994

Steve Carlton

On a flight to Japan in October 1968, the pilot informed his passengers, many of them members of the St. Louis Cardinal baseball team, that ...

Aug. 06, 1984

Up Against The Wall

Will Boston spring for the millions to keep Jim Rice, its Maestro of the Green Monster, playing in Fenway?

June 04, 1990


Baseball umpiring is the most demanding of all the sports professions. Umps lead lives of constant travel, pressure and alienation, and they are ...

Feb. 29, 1988


Edited by Steve Wulf

SECOND THOUGHTS Let the Games begin again: •They should not have been spread out over three weekends and 16 days. Even ABC ...

March 22, 1982

Let's Play Ball, Dad

Rookies Terry Francona of the Expos and Cal Ripken of the Orioles are chips off old familiar blocks

Aug. 29, 1983

Pine-tarred and feathered

After grousing and litigating, the Yankees lost the resumed Endless Game

July 14, 1980


During a recent Toronto-Oakland game televised by NBC, Blue Jays Centerfielder Rick Bosetti signed off his recitation of Toronto's starting ...

Aug. 15, 1983

Biggest Bird in the bushes

Baltimore's Jim Palmer went to Hagerstown to begin his comeback from an arm ailment

Aug. 18, 1980

Bèisbol Is in His Blood

Coatzacoalcos, Mexico is the 30th port in the long odyssey of former major league Pitcher George Brunet

June 21, 1982

Eddie Is A Handy Dandy

Eddie Murray has a special touch with the bat and glove, even if his necklace says he is 'Just Regular'

Jan. 09, 1984

He's real trouble on the run

Brent Rushlaw is the best—and brashest—U.S. two-man bobsled driver

Oct. 13, 1980

Dilly of a win for Philly

Like children stuck inside on a bad day, the Phillies were restless. Their little date with destiny was being held up by a steady Montreal rain.

Dec. 23, 1991

Sportsman Of The Year/Ten Living Legends

Luminous images of athletes for the ages, whose virtuosity we can marvel at today