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Sep 27, 1993

Don't Look Back...

...because, if you're the Phillies, the Expos have been gaining on you in the National League East—with some help from the ghosts of '64

Jan 16, 1995

Special Delivery

Colgate's freshman center, Adonal Foyle, is a big package airmailed from Canouan, a tiny island in the Caribbean

Dec 27, 1993

Out Foxed

Rupert Murdoch's upstart network snatched the NFL from CBS in a coup that will change the face of televised sports

Apr 04, 1994

Diamond Vision

A front-office phenom at 35, Dan Duquette seems to have been driven by destiny to return home and rebuild the Red Sox

Oct 31, 1994

The Sound of One Hand Clapping

The decision to pass out MVP and other baseball awards was as half-baked as the '94 season

Sep 13, 1993

Looking Out for Number One

A trade to Toronto didn't break Rickey Henderson's bond with his biggest Oakland fan

Dec 06, 1993

The Great Escape

Fleeing their troubled homeland, more than three dozen Cubans defected during a competition in Puerto Rico

Mar 07, 1994

Cinderella Story

Former Olympic champion Dorothy Hamill has found a perfect fit as owner and star of the Ice Capades

Sep 19, 1994

The Guiding Light

Buck O'Neil bears witness to the glory and not just the shame of the Negro leagues