William F. Nolan

William F. Nolan

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Feb 05, 1962

The Bitter Bird man

Fifty years ago, a moody, egocentric little man named Lincoln Beachey thrilled the crowds he hated with his spectacular tricks in the sky

Aug 01, 1966

The Racing Earl of California

Earl Cooper was a little man who weighed 120 pounds—but he became a giant when he drove a big white Stutz

Apr 26, 1965

The High-flying Schoolgirl

Aviation itself was young when Kitty Stinson took to the air as a stunt pilot and pioneer night skywriter who outdared the men as The High-flying Schoolgirl

Feb 04, 1963

Rich Triumph at a Ripe Age

Gar Wood always wanted to build and race the fastest powerboats in the world. Finally, when nearing 40, he realized his ambition

Jun 14, 1965

A Rookie Rocks the Brickyard

Young Frank Lockhart surprised everyone when he took the 1926 Indy 500 in his first attempt

Feb 17, 1964

Barney Wheezes to a Big Win

His car was a wreck, but Barney Oldfield managed to finish first in the rugged Cactus Derby 50 years ago