The violent upsets shown on this and following pages are not the sort of action spectators at the National Horse Show next month are likely to see. To riders and horses preparing for the elegant precision which the arena requires, however, they are normal hazards—and they show that mastering the delicate art of jumping thoroughbreds is a sport which is anything but tame
October 11, 1954

Horizontal dive over the neck of her wild-eyed mount Bay Boy sends Mrs. Robert McGusty flying after the gelding failed to clear a jump. The spill didn't faze her, and she went on to further competition at the Rombout Horse Show in Poughkeepsie, N.Y.

Charging the barrier, misnamed mount Lucky Lass, who refused jump at the last minute, sends young Judy Pheatt of Toledo, Ohio, hurtling over on her own at Detroit Horse Show.

Feet Flying, D. Robert Motch and his hunter Borealis crash into the ground on their necks after a spill at Detroit Horse Show. Although carried off on a stretcher, Motch was not badly injured.

Biting the dust, U.S. Pankid lakes a rough spill at Bradford, Pa. Horse Show. But rider Catherine Bromeley kept her seat, regained control of her mount and was able to continue course.

Flying cartwheel is executed by Althea Knickerbocker as she is thrown over the head of her mount Sporting Chance at the Greenwich Horse Show. Spectacular spill caused medics to rush to her aid, but luckily she suffered only loss of wind.