In the excited locker room, Utah Coach Jack Curtice grabbed a friend and said with surprise: "Haven't you ever seen him? Come on with me." He pulled the friend towards the showers and shouted inside for Fullback Lou Mele. As Mele stepped out of the steam, Curtice chuckled: "That's the kid. Look at him." Standing among his teammates, only five ft. six in. high, stubby legs, no trace of a neck, Lou Mele looked like a fire hydrant in a cluster of telephone poles. On the field he had looked like a giant.

He rushed with the ball 18 times. He gained 122 yards. He kicked off, converted a point, set up one touchdown and scored the second in Utah's 14-7 win over Wyoming. "I really felt like running today," he said afterwards. "It was the best game I ever played in my life."

Late in the second quarter Utah scooped a fumble on the Wyoming 31. Mele carried three times, gained 22 yards, and set up the score.

At the start of the final quarter, the fire hydrant exploded again, broke over right tackle, cut left through the Wyoming backfield and smashed 20 yards. The next play? Mele boomed over left tackle and down the sidelines for 21 more yards and the second Utah touchdown.


Utah now stands with Denver and Utah State in the Skyline Conference at two wins against one loss under Wyoming's 3 and 1. Jack Curtice's Utes have a way of coming through, so I'll have to stick with them until further notice for, at least, a slice of melon.

What I have in the Big Seven is not news. Slightly paraphrasing the Bard, the Sooners stride through the Big Seven like some huge colossus. The big question was and is, who will win the runner-up spot behind Oklahoma? The situation is a muddle. Missouri stands now with two wins against no losses. The team still has four conference games left. Any or all of its four remaining foes could beat Missouri, but at the present time it looks like best bet to win the bowl invitation. The only two teams out of the running are Iowa State and Kansas.