1—courtesy McCall's "Queen of Fashion," Toni Frissell, Brown Brothers, Larry Burrows
6—European, Bill Young
12, 13—A.P.
15—Hy Peskin
18, 19—A.P.; U.P.; Larry Obsitnik-Arkansas Gazette, U.P.
20, 21—School of Photo-Journalism, Ohio University
27-29—Drawings by Ajay
36—Maslowski and Goodpaster
37—H. Armstrong Roberts
38—Lynwood M. Chace, F.P.G., Allan D. Cruickshank, Maslowski and Goodpaster, Don Woolbridge, E. P. Haddon
39—Alfred M. Bailey, N.Y. State Conservation Department, Lynwood M. Chace, Maslowski and Goodpaster, Lynwood M. Chace (2)
50-51-Border drawings by Arthur Williams
63—Hy Peskin
64—George Silk-LIFE
65—Hy Peskin
66—Drawings by James Carraway
66, 67—bottom row, M. E. Warren
77-79—Arthur Shay
82—Sue Greenberg. Int.
84—Drawings by James Carraway