Newest and fastest-growing greyhound track in the U.S. is the 5/16-mile oval at Phoenix, Ariz. Open only a year, Phoenix drew top dogs from all over the country and Mexico, a $10-million mutuel handle in 1954. The dogs themselves lead the lives of dogdom's royalty. They travel in special trailers, feed on choice cuts of horse meat, and are curried and combed by valets. To earn their keep the greyhounds run twice a week during racing season, can make as much as $120,000 in five years for their solicitous masters.

Muzzled greyhounds burst from their starting-box compartments during night racing at Phoenix track

Long-striding greyhounds bound down track in hot pursuit of mechanical rabbit which stays 20 feet ahead. Dogs spend 4 hours before race in glass-enclosed pits where bettors can see they are not doped or fed

Churning up the dirt track, dogs head into turn. Besides being taught to chase rabbit, dogs must learn proper track etiquette—not to crowd, bite or foul the other dogs in the race