Feb. 28, 1955
Feb. 28, 1955

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Feb. 28, 1955

Pat On The Back
  • A salute to some who have earned the good opinion of the world of sport, if not yet its tallest headlines

Under 21
Santa Anita Derby
Horse Racing
  • Professional basketball—sampled here in full-color action—may look like chaos, but it calls for fluid variations as precise and calculated as the mathematics of a Bach fugue

The Wonderful World Of Sport
Sport In Art
Snow Patrol
Fisherman's Calendar
Golf's Green Pastures
Motor Sports
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


Gleaming white and red like the colors of the famous Vanderbilt racing silks, Sagamore Farm, Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt's stables, lies in the softly rolling countryside of Glyndon, Md. The barns and paddocks hum with the activity of training and tending the 100-odd Vanderbilt horses that are quartered there, and in these paintings Artist Vaughn Flannery has captured the tempo, the brilliant colors, the shimmer of sunlight and shadow in the stable area. This is the home to which the great-hearted gray, Native Dancer, recently returned when injury forced his retirement. He occupies a stall in the stallion barn next to his illustrious grandsire, Discovery, a handsome veteran of 23 years, and like him enjoys a leisure life.

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PHOTOCOURTESY OF MR. ALFRED GWYNNE VANDERBILTThe great oval training barn at the Vanderbilt estate in Maryland has 96 stalls and a quarter-mile indoor trackPHOTOCOURTESY OF MR. ALFRED GWYNNE VANDERBILTA treasured Vanderbilt possession is this small canvas by Flannery of the famous racing silks