A salute to some who have earned the good opinion of the world of sport, if not yet its tallest headlines
March 14, 1955

At 74, Holland-born Pieter Mijer is the oldest competitive fencer in the U.S. and quite possibly the world. He made the Dutch Olympic fencing team in 1928 and has helped coach many others to national and international titles. He has been fencing 59 years and is still considered one of the top épée men in the country. A former national champion, Pieter has fenced for years with New York's Salle Santelli team, still coaches regularly at Giorgio' Santelli's school. He claims that by building up his endurance over the years he can still fence 90 minutes at a crack without tiring. Pieter attributes his skill to manual dexterity ("It's in the fingers") and an instinctive sense of knowing where his blade point is at all times.