March 21, 1955
March 21, 1955

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March 21, 1955

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  • RHINO! 17

    Few exclamations suggest more terrifying African sights than those shown in these rare pictures of the infuriated charge of a rhino

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I recently mentioned the sports quiz contest which SPORTS ILLUSTRATED prepared for visitors to our booth at the National Sporting Goods Association Convention and Show in Chicago. Naturally, I've been asked, "Well, what were some of the questions?" So, here they are.

This is an article from the March 21, 1955 issue

•Where was the first night baseball game in the major leagues played?

•Maurice (The Rocket) Richard has scored more goals than any other hockey player in history. To the nearest 100, how many?

•In the International at Laurel on Nov. 3, Fisherman, Eddie Arcaro up, won. Landau was last. Landau has a better claim to fame. What is it?

•How many times has the four-minute mile been broken?

•Olive drab makes a lot of people think of the Army. But what sport do the people who use the following think of: pale olive dun, olive quill, detached olive?

•In 1954 UCLA won the Pacific Coast Conference Title, Oklahoma the Big Seven, and Ohio State the Big Ten. What else did all three have in common?

•Jack Dempsey's most famous fights were with Firpo and Tunney. But from whom did he win the heavyweight championship?

•Henry and Robert, two guys with sound-alike last names, had a lot to do with what happened in major league baseball last year—one because of what he did and the other because of what he might have done, but couldn't. What are the last names?

These questions (and a lot more) covered a long line of sports, like the issues of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED which inspired them. Among the more than 1,000 sporting goods dealers, buyers and manufacturers in Chicago who vied for the grand prize nobody scored 100. But many contestants came close; and everybody had fun trying.

We thought you might enjoy staging your own contest—perhaps some night between folding up the card table and serving the cheese and crackers. We've printed the questions in sets of four, with an answer sheet, and I'll be happy to send you one upon request.

An important rule of the game: you're allowed to peek—at all your old copies of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED.