Lining up a shot correctly seems a relatively easy thing to do, but actually it isn't—at least not for beginners and high-handicap golfers. It is not at all uncommon for a player, when preparing to play his shot, to look in the right direction but to have his body and the face of his club lined up improperly.

Now, there are three salient points to consider in lining up a fairly long shot correctly: The club face should be square to the line of direction, forming a right angle with that line. The golfer's feet should be placed parallel with the line of direction. And thirdly, it will be found that when the golfer takes a proper stance his left shoulder points slightly to the left of the line of direction. Some golfers strain to keep their left shoulders pointing directly on the line of direction, but in actuality the golfer is then set to hit the ball many yards to the right of his target.

This is the point to remember: After setting the club head and the feet correctly, keep tab on that left shoulder. See that it is pointing a bit to the left of the target you're aiming for.

from JIM FOGERTEY, pro at Sunset Country Club, St. Louis

TWO PHOTOS ILLUSTRATIONJim Fogertey demonstrates how the left shoulder should point slightly to the left of the target ILLUSTRATIONINCORRECT ILLUSTRATIONCORRECT