The coming of spring found three chief executives crowding their sports seasons a bit. Dwight D. Eisenhower, who heads the U.S., took advantage of springlike weather in Washington to practice a few golf shots in his back yard. Averell Harriman, who heads the government of New York State, clung to a last vestige of winter and hied himself to the Adirondack Mountains for a bit of skiing. August A. (Gussie) Busch Jr., who heads the world's largest brewery (Anheuser-Busch), worked himself into a sun-tanned sweat in St. Petersburg, Fla., forgetting malt, barley and hops long enough to join the baseball team he owns—the St. Louis Cardinals—and engage in spring training workouts.

Skier Harriman spent more than two hours in snow storm gingerly probing the lower trail at Whiteface Mt., state-operated ski resort in the Adirondack.

Batter Busch takes an anxious swing in pepper game with his willing employes at Cardinal camp.

Brewer Busch confers by phone with brewery officials to keep abreast of business back in St. Louis.

Runner Busch puffs around the bases as Manager Eddie Stanky hollers, "Get the lead out, Gus!"

Tired Busch dries himself off after rigorous workout. Players enjoy having Gus participate in drills.

Golfer Eisenhower takes a few tentative swings on the White House lawn after return from hospital, where he was treated for bursitis condition.