When she was a tomboyish 12, Janet Hopps switched from baseball and football to tennis because "Mother decided to get me into something more ladylike." Now 20, Janet is the No. 1 "man" on the Seattle University tennis team, ranks 16th nationally in women's tennis and is national all-college women's champion. An A student, she majors in history and political science. This season Janet won six of nine intercollegiate matches—all against men. Coach Marvin Fletcher has a simple explanation of how his talented junior achieved the top position on his team: "She creamed all the competition."

Rosalie Wong, Judy Ferles and Ethel Rollo, all of Tucson, have won the women's intercollegiate pocket billiards championship for the University of Arizona. The pretty coeds practiced nightly for five months, then walloped a 16-college field, scoring 110 points (to 69 for second-place Purdue) to give Arizona its first pocket billiards title. None of the girls knew how to shoot pool until they went to the U. of A., where the game is included in a non-credit recreation class. Judy scored 52 points all by herself to win the tournament's individual championship.