Back at the turn of the century, prominent Chicagoans used to leave work early, hop a train, get off in the prairie north of town and take a 20-minute surrey ride to the Glenview Golf Club for an afternoon round. In due time the prairie stop became known as Golf, Ill. Last month to tiny Golf (pop. 258) came a parade of the game's enthusiasts to dedicate a $90,000 colonial brick building, new headquarters of the Evans Scholars Foundation. Named for 64-year-old Golfing Great Chick Evans (1916 National Open champion), the fund provides scholarships for deserving caddies. Since 1930 nearly 400 boys have been aided. Dedication Day at Golf was a big affair. Trains no longer stop at Golf, but there was a special stop that day (actually the engineer forgot, overshot the station, had to back up). Chick himself was there, looking fit (still active, he got to the third round of last week's British Amateur before losing). He and friends piled into their same old surrey and rode to the new building, where ceremonies were duly held and the Evans fund enriched by a $13,100 contribution from the National Golf Fund.

PHOTOWIELDING THE WHIP, Chick Evans pilots surrey to ceremonies. With him are former State Amateur Champions Jim Standish of Detroit (rear), Ned Allis of Milwaukee. PHOTOTRAIN MADE SPECIAL DEDICATION STOP AT SUBURBAN GOLF, ILL. PHOTOEVANS, FOUNDATION CHAIRMAN CARLETON BLUNT AND NEW BUILDING