July 04, 1955
July 04, 1955

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July 4, 1955

Events & Discoveries
The Wonderful World Of Sport
Brave Bulls
  • Once scorned by decent society as the associate of rogues and vagabonds, the tough-looking bulldog—considered by many to be the most courageous of all quadrupeds—is enjoying a new wave of popularity and interest, thanks in part to a magnificent specimen called Kippax Fearnought


10, 12—drawings by Ajay
18—George Harris-Black Star
19—Mark Kauffman
20, 21—George Harris-Black Star
22, 23—AP, Carroll Van Ark
24—top, Mike Freeman-Miami Daily News; bottom, International, Bert Morgan (2)
25—top, Bert Morgan; bottom, Hy Peskin, Bert Morgan
28, 29—Fabian Bachrach
31—left, Mary Eleanor Browning, Walter Chandoha, FPG (2); right, Alfred Eisenstaedt-Pix, Walter Chandoha (2), FPG
32—Ray Jewell
33—Brad Bloomer
34, 35—top left, John W. Hendrikson; Lydia Edes
36, 37—top, Brad Bloomer, Lydia Edes, Dick Blair, Lydia Edes; bottom, Irving Johnson (2)
38—left, Lydia Edes (2); right, Brad Bloomer, Irving Johnson
39, 40—Irving Johnson
43—map by William Bernstein
45, 46—Gene Pyle
51—Yale Joel
59—drawing by J. R. Lockett
60—George Harris-Black Star
66—diagram by William Bernstein
67—Richard Hartt
72—Robert Halmi, UP.

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