July 11, 1955
July 11, 1955

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July 11, 1955

Events & Discoveries
  • A sailplane pilot soars through a wide, noiseless world, forever searching for the free power to keep him there

  • Flapping and flopping for a thousand years in imitation of eagles, crows, beetles and fish, man finally found his way into the air. In sailplanes he now flies well and high with very little fuss and no feathers at all

  • By William F. Talbert

    The U.S. Davis Cup captain, a Wimbledon witness, reveals the young Cincinnatian finally capturing the world's most coveted tennis title

The Wonderful World Of Sport
Sporting Look
All-Star Preview
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


2, 10-12—drawings by Ajay
18—Sport & General
19—Keystone Press
20, 21—European
22—David Potts
23—Australian Official Photo by W. Brindle, David Potts
24, 25—top, Lonnie Wilson; bottom, Hy Peskin
28, 30, 31—Bob Lackenbach
29—map by Leslie Jacobs
32—Marvin Newman
34—Barney Stein
35—drawings by Jan Balet
40—drawings by Grambs Miller
43—Richard Meek
44—drawings by James Caraway
46, 47—Brian Seed, Fox Photos London, Brian Seed (3)
49—drawings by Paul Peck
50, 51—INP
58—drawings by Leslie Jacobs
62—The Detroit News
68—George Fremault

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