Aug. 08, 1955
Aug. 08, 1955

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Aug. 8, 1955

Events & Discoveries
  • A squadron of roaring hydroplanes and a couple of hot-tempered owners have stirred the Gold Cup city into a fever of excitement

Return Of The Jones Boy
Column Of The Week
Tip From The Top
Pulling The Longbow
  • In June 1899 my Grandpa, with an enthusiasm he soon lost, built a scow and took us boys on a river cruise. Poison ivy and rattlers in shore camp didn't bother us, but he gave up after stepping on a rusty nail

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


Recently the veteran sportswriter, Tom O'Reilly, wrote a column for his paper, the Morning Telegraph, the well-known racing daily. It said so simply what we like to think about SI that we sent it to a number of our friends. I am passing it on to you in the hope that you may enjoy one sportswriter's reaction to this sports magazine as much as they told us they did. This is what O'Reilly wrote:

This is an article from the Aug. 8, 1955 issue

"If you fool around with sports, plumbing, banking or any other business, if something comes along making a big splash in your racket, you can't ignore it. You've got to say 'hello.' Today I'd like to say 'hello' to a magazine. It's called SPORTS ILLUSTRATED. If you are a guy who likes sports., this sheet is for you....

"It has class, information and a sense of humor. So far it has been doing a magnificent job, covering sports in a clear way that anybody could understand, whether or not you are an aficionado.

"This magazine has an appeal to every guy who ever took a swing at an out-curve and then grew up and got too fat to hit any more. The man's name is 'legion.' The paper has great writers like Gerry Holland, Paul Gallico, William Faulkner, etc., etc. Reading them, we can dream of our youth again. How we hit a ball for two sewers with a broomstick and tackled the big guy, around the ankles, one yard from the goal.

"So, since sportswriters are supposed to make predictions and take their chances, I will gladly make this one: SPORTS ILLUSTRATED is the best darned publication (excepting of course the Morning Telegraph) covering the field of sports."

As most racing fans know, Nashua meets Swaps in the race of the year at Washington Park, Chicago, August 31. And perhaps the Morning Telegraph and Tom O'Reilly can now feel more than ever that they picked a winner in SI, which played a leading role in making the race a reality. This will be a great news story for SI, for sportswriters in general, and for the world of the Morning Telegraph in particular.