Aug. 15, 1955
Aug. 15, 1955

Table of Contents
Aug. 15, 1955

26 Million Magazines Later
Events & Discoveries
The Gold Cup Race
The Wonderful World Of Sport
Physical Fitness
A Hotbox Special
SI Sampler
  • By William F. Talbert

    At first a major concern, Trabert's injury now is just a minor part of the continuing Davis Cup nightmare

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


2—drawings by John Suzuki
12-14—drawings by Ajay
19—Hank Walker-LIFE
20-23—Burt Glinn-Magnum
26, 27—top, Ralph Morse-LIFE (2), Francis Miller-LIFE, Ralph Morse; bottom, I.N.P., Ralph Morse, Mark Kauffman
30, 31—drawings by Leslie Jacobs
32, 33, 73—charts by Fred Eng
34—A.P., Richard Meek (2), Whitney Tower, Richard Meek, Walter Daran, Kemsley Picture Service, Mark Kauffman, U.P., Alfred Eisenstaedt-LIFF, Larry Burrows, U.P.
38—Tony Triolo, Maryanne Gjersvik (2), Nina Leen-Pix, Rapho Guillumette
39—Malcolm Wister
40—left, Richard Meek, Ylla-Rapho Guillumette, Hy Peskin
right, Mark Kauffman
41—Hy Peskin, Bern Keating-Black Star, Evan Peskin, Robert Doisneau-Rapho Guillumette, Hy Peskin, Victor Baldwin
42 43—Hy Peskin
44—Mark Kauffman (2), Jerry Cooke, Richard Meek, Mark Kauffman, Hy Peskin
45—Ray Atkeson, Hy Peskin, James N. Meyer, Morris Rosenfeld, Mark Kauffman, Erich Lessing-Magnum
46—Hy Peskin
52—Bob Landry, Christa, Carl Iwasaki, Robert Frank, Jerry Cooke, Philip O. Stearns, Christa (3), Richard Meek, Gordon Coster, Arthur Shay, Richard Meek, Toni Frissell
53—Toni Frissell, Hans Knopf-Pix, Philip O. Stearns, Toni Frissell, Underwood & Underwood, Brian Seed, Richard Meek, Bob Landry, Richard Meek, Jerry Cooke, Hy Peskin, Bert Morgan, Richard Meek (2), Arthur Siegel, Toni Frissell
55—Richard Meek
61—Wide World
77—Jerry Cooke
78, 79—Asahel Curtis
84—Corporal Timothy Sullivan

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