Sept. 05, 1955
Sept. 05, 1955

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Sept. 5, 1955

Events & Discoveries
  • ...and 29 days from the end of the American League pennant race a New York Yankee peers toward the future and hopes

  • Maybe the American League pennant race isn't as majestic as it should be—there have been too many ignominious defeats, for one thing. Nevertheless, it's been a tangled, furious, exciting pennant race, a regular free-for-all

The Wonderful World Of Sport
  • "Roughing it" at the huge 6,000-acre Valley Ranch in Wyoming's Yellowstone country, a group of prominent Easterners take time out from riding, hunting and pack trips to pose with their sons at the corral

  • TWEEDS 26

    Since the 18th century, the Scots have been weaving the richly textured cloth that has become the favorite fabric on America's sporting scene

Pinder Brothers
Cecil Smith


...and 29 days from the end of the American League pennant race a New York Yankee peers toward the future and hopes

Hank Bauer of the New York Yankees epitomized the American League pennant race last week as he led expectantly off third base in Cleveland's Municipal Stadium. The three top contenders in the league—the Yankees, the Cleveland Indians and the Chicago White Sox—have been standing on third base for weeks now. All are hopefully eyeing home plate—the pennant. Like Bauer, who fretted on third as Yogi Berra popped up and Mickey Mantle struck out, all the contenders have suffered frustrating setbacks.

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Like Bauer, who eventually romped home on Bill Skowron's home run, one of the contenders will, three weeks from next Sunday night, trot home with the championship. But last week, as Bauer and his Yankee teammates fought one bitter battle after another in the hostile West, they found the race still tight as ever and home plate as far away.

Rizzuto scuttles plateward in full flight with eye on ground ball hit by Mantle, who races out of picture toward first base as Umpire Summers watches intently. Indians turned grounder into fast double play to end inning and rally, leaving pennant race suspended in midair like Mantle's bat

Impact of Smith's hard slide upsets MacDougald, foils Yank double play as throw to first goes wild.