SO—season opened (or opens); SC—season closed (or closes).
C—clear water; D—water dirty or roily; M—water muddy.
N—water at normal height; SH—slightly high; H—high; VH—very high; L—low; R—rising; F—falling.
WT50—water temperature 50°.
FG—fishing good; FF—fishing fair; FP—fishing poor.
OG—outlook good; OF—outlook fair; OP outlook poor.

PACIFIC SALMON: BRITISH COLUMBIA: Big fish making news on Campbell River these days and Dr. James Petray, Stockton, Calif., landed a 71½-pounder last week. Scores of 30- to 50-pounders have been registered with Comox and Alberni yielding well. Silver fishing good everywhere from Oak Bay off Victoria in the south to Brown's Bay in the north. September fishing should be really hot with fish at their best and biggest. Tyee fishing OG.

CALIFORNIA: Suicide Row, mouth of Klamath, belatedly producing fair-sized Chinooks all the way up to mouth of Trinity by trolling. Plenty in main Trinity but few hitting. Ocean off Fort Bragg red hot with moochers using frozen anchovies, herring. San Francisco, Santa Cruz and Morro Bay areas still hold schools of fish and OG offshore with calmer waters.

OREGON: Astoria coast slow last week but OG for Labor Day weekend with quantities of offshore salmon expected to make appearance.

WASHINGTON: Pilot whales in North Puget Sound have been chasing salmon out and OP until killers get back to sea. Skagit River good morning and evening from Gilligan Creek down river for silvers and humpies. Nooksack FF and OG. Hotspots: "Frong Pond" near Lynden and Ritter Bar. Limits were the rule last week for La Push silvers and humpies which were gobbling mooched herring. Neah Bay FG, OG, silvers and a few kings. Sekiu FG, OG. Camano and Whidbey areas FG, OG with lots of limits on trolled herring strips.

ATLANTIC SALMON: NEW BRUNSWICK: Grilse fairly plentiful in Tobique, but salmon still very scarce. Net fishing, terminating August 31, should materially improve salmon fishing coming week. N and cool.

NOVA SCOTIA: Good salmon fishing in Sheet Harbor West where 42 fish taken during week and 56 week before. Aside from Sheet Harbor area OP as L and WT high.

MAINE: Streamer flies trolled at three- to four-foot water levels have scored heavily on the acrobatic landlocks at Moosehead and Munsungan lakes. Munsungan is rushing to the front as one of Maine's top salmon lakes. Situated up northernmost Maine, accessible only by float airplane or a long, woodsy canoe trip covering nine miles, Munsungan has produced a good run of 3- to 5-pound salmon. Smelt was introduced to the lake five years ago. Landlocks fattened on the unexpected windfall, with the result that salmon fishing has been great all summer, particularly last week, and OG.

MARLIN: MASSACHUSETTS: Marlin (and swordfish) still at No Man's but rough seas have kept most enthusiasts land bound.

NORTH CAROLINA: Bill fishing off Hatteras along with everything else took a pretty good thumping from the hurricane twins last few weeks but the ocean got somewhat straightened out last week and Dr. J. C. Overbey of Norfolk boated 270-pound blue marlin. OG.

GUAYMAS: 47 fish taken here last week.

NEW JERSEY: A few fish still being caught, usually well off shore from Barnegat Ridge south.

STRIPED BASS: MASSACHUSETTS: Fishing was just returning to normal last week when nor'-easter hit and surf's been oily since. However, some bass being taken deep on eelskins in Cape Cod Bay after total slump. Canal dead as no bait shows. Martha's Vineyard had some real activity as several big fish including a 50-pounder were caught at midweek.

NOVA SCOTIA: FG in Annapolis and Bear rivers last week. OG.

SOUTH CAROLINA: Stripers provided only fishing bright spot in this area last week with trollers having fair luck in Santee-Cooper area.

NEW JERSEY: Surf and jetty fishing was hot one day, cold the next last week with best action centering at Long Branch north to Sandy Hook and south to Bradley Beach. Night fishing best with rigged eel, plugs and tin squids best lures. A bent piece of stuff resembling yellow rubber hose was also effective.

BLUEFISH: FLORIDA: Fish schooling in shallows between Alligator Point and Dog Island. Use fly or spinning rod with streamers and jigs for best action. OG.

MASSACHUSETTS: FG, trolling feathers daytimes on south shore of Cape, especially at Harwich, Monomoy Point; 2- and 3-pounders have moved into Cape Cod Bay. OG.

NORTH CAROLINA: Blues reappearing and best bet is Hatteras Inlet.

NEW JERSEY: The glorious days of blue fishing off the Jersey coast started to slip somewhat last week with chumming still good offshore about 7-12 miles east of Asbury Park, on the Shrewsbury Rocks and on Barnegat Ridge. Most of the fish are now small by earlier comparison (1½ to 4 pounds). Bluefish schools are reported in the surf at widely scattered places. Rivers and bays crawling with snappers.

BLACK BASS: NEW YORK: You could catch a lot of fish last week in Chautauqua on soft shell crabs but they were really scarce.

FLORIDA: Two men fishing Lake Talquin last week caught 53 bass weighing from 1½ to 3½ pounds in three hours using shiners for bait. A top bass spot in state is Rainbow River, a branch of almost pure spring water leading from Rainbow Springs to its outlet in the Withlacoochee River about 70 miles north of Tampa. Local fishermen explain it this way: heavy summer rains caused drainage of the swamps along Withlacoochee resulting in an acid condition which bass don't like and they crowded into the lower Rainbow. Last week lots of people caught their limits using shiners. Kissimee Lake closed to boats for three months by low water level has been raised by rains and FG again.

PENNSYLVANIA: Smallmouths running to 2 pounds in French Creek and smaller in Allegheny on plugs or soft shells. WT still too high for best fishing. Lower reaches of the Yellow Breeches down last week and some good catches reported on jitterbugs. OG if no more rain.

LOUISIANA: Fish have been dozing for last six weeks but John Brothers reported catching half a dozen last week in Anacoco Lake near Leesville, several weighing over 5 pounds.

MINNESOTA: FG/FVG for smallmouths in Rainy Lake at International Falls and Basswood and Burntside lakes at Ely; FG/FVG for largemouths at Lake Minnetonka near Minneapolis, Pelican Lake at Backus, Lake Belle Taine near Park Rapids, Detroit lakes and Alexandria area. Live frogs and popper flies still producing best.

TENNESSEE: Big ones are biting in Cherokee Lake with deep trolling taking them on the bottom. Harold Reiland of Morristown got a good string topped by two weighing over 5 pounds last week. OG.

MISSOURI: Meremec River, C and N for most of its entire length, is M in lower part. Many limit catches in last few days and OG with best luck on plugs. Gasconade River C, N all the way and FG, OG on artificial lures.

NORTH CAROLINA: Terrific sound tides caused by Connie and Diane backed up into state rivers and killed quantities of largemouth bass.

MICHIGAN: Smallmouth fishing magnificent throughout all north state waters and around thumb coastline areas as anglers continue making limit catches using everything in the box and fish running above average weight up to 6 pounds. OG.

ONTARIO: FF/OG as end of heat wave puts fresh life into bass. Bay of Quinte near Big Island now producing good catches off rocky points and sand bars with worms favored bait. Bait casting with live minnows or frogs is getting evening catches at Jones Falls on the Rideau River.

MUSKELLUNGE: NEW YORK: Lots of muskies being taken in Chautauqua on live bait but they're running small. Outlook excellent for home stretch through September and early October.

PENNSYLVANIA: Muskies quiet everywhere but cool nights will bring them snapping soon. (Walleyes up to 10 pounds in LeBoeuf and Conneaut lakes are hitting worm-spinner combination.)

MINNESOTA: Unsettled, stormy weather has slowed action in previously hot Leech and Deer lakes. Three best of week went 22, 17 and 15 pounds, all from Big Fork River north of Big Falls. Immediate outlook poor to fair, but another muskie-producing spell of warm weather is due.

WISCONSIN: Best muskie fishing of summer was had in Vilas and Sawyer counties last week with a 28-pounder reported from Pioneer Lake. Big ones also reported from Chippewa flowage and Spider Lake.

ONTARIO: FF, OF. Murney Mason of Springbrook hauled a 40-pounder from Moira Lake near Madoc on a jointed plug. FP at Bay of Quinte and it won't be until October that muskies get into real action in northern Ontario spots such as French River and Lake Nipissing's west arm.

TROUT: MONTANA: Warm weather still slowing fishing in Montana; best streams now Gallatin and Madison rivers, though latter high. Ruby River FG and Big Hole FF. Yellowstone Park fishing improving with good rises on largest streams in evening. FG Canyon Ferry Lake and Missouri for big ones on lures. Waiting for cool weather for best fishing.

TENNESSEE: SC August 31 in Great Smoky Mountains National Park but fishing continues entire year in main rivers flowing from TVA and Army Engineer reservoirs where FF.

NEW MEXICO: Slightly improved weather conditions throughout state have increased catches slightly and OF. Upper Chama D in the a.m., C in p.m., producing on flies and bait. If less rain OG. Rest of state streams pretty muddy but should subside in few days.

ONTARIO: WT generally high across Province and trout fishing in doldrums, but trout in Foote Lake in Chapleau district have become talk of country. In past month rangers report checking 10 fish weighing more than 8 pounds and dozen more between 6 and 8 pounds. Lake was first stocked only four years ago and biologists are trying to determine cause of spectacular growth.

BRITISH COLUMBIA: Kamloops Lake improving again with fine reports from Lejeune, Paul, Princeton and Horsefly. Look for steady improvement through September. FG coast streams as fall cutthroats run in. Oyster River probably best.

CALIFORNIA: With cooler weather in lowlands East Slope Sierra fishing improved at all points. Best reports: Mammoth lakes, upper Owens and Hot Creek where small gray flies paid off. Anglers up in arms over 1,100 big dead browns in Bridgeport Reservoir, believed poisoned by DDT washed from ranches by rains.

OREGON: Water L and algae clearing in most central Oregon lakes; Wickiup Reservoir producing large fish on flies with record so far a 22-pound brownie.

MICHIGAN: Soaking showers last week brought relief to the big drought and OG for balance of season.

IDAHO: FG St. Mary's River with Cowdung fly. High lakes in north excellent with frost at night. If you don't mind a walk, Seven Devils Lake in central Idaho is terrific.

COLORADO: Steamboat Springs area: Yampa River, L and C, OG. Snake River very L and C, FF/FG. Montrose area: Gunnison C and FF. Estes Park area: Big Thompson, Fall River and north and south St. Vrain Creeks N and C. Canon City area: Arkansas River clearing, but OP. Eleven Mile Canyon Reservoir N, but OP. Horseshoe Lake N, FF for flies and lures.