The Question: What should be done to stop the falling off of attendance at baseball games? (asked at the governors' conference in Chicago)

Sept. 12, 1955
Sept. 12, 1955

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Sept. 12, 1955

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The Question: What should be done to stop the falling off of attendance at baseball games? (asked at the governors' conference in Chicago)

Governor of Nebraska
"Prohibit the intentional base on balls. When a great slugger comes to bat and is passed I feel cheated. I've paid to see him hit. Clubs could have gate prizes to boost attendance. In addition to ladies' day, they could also have special days when the rest of the family would be admitted free."

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Governor of New Mexico
"First, spread the big leagues around. Why should big league baseball be the monopoly of the East? The majors must also help the minors. We've got a lot of good minor league clubs, but they're folding. They get little backing from the top. We're loyal to our teams but we need help."

Governor of New York
"Most major and minor teams are having real trouble with this problem. They should only televise games away from home. And games should not be televised into minor league territory. Inadequate parking facilities and poor transportation make attendance at a game an ordeal."

Governor of Vermont
"I wouldn't change the game an iota. Look how frequent changes in football rules have confused the fans. Stop trying to dignify the game. I like an occasional rhubarb. They are part of the game. Also, something must be done to keep television from hurting attendance."

Governor of Kansas
"My gripe is about the length of the games. A game used to be played in under two hours. Now it often will take three hours. Long double-headers are particularly boring. A busy man can slip away from his work for no more than a couple of hours. Why not seven-inning games in double-headers?"

Governor of South Dakota
"The game is perfect. Witness the exciting race in the American League. But the majors should move west and south. Look at Kansas City. It doesn't have a winning team, but attendance is tops. We're trying to get the N.Y. Giants into the Twin Cities. We'll triple their attendance."

Governor of Louisiana
"The game itself is perfect. It's marvelous the way players time their moves. But clubs should try some showmanship. Dress the game up. Why not club songs similar to college songs? And nostalgic music between innings. Why not tell the fans some highlight of each player as he comes to bat?"

Governor of Oregon
"The players should be made to appreciate that the crowds like nothing more than hustle. When they are lackadaisical on the field it makes the game dull. Hustle is the one thing that will keep up interest. Also, it is proper for cities to improve parking facilities through taxation."

Governor of Ohio
"Do not allow games to drag. Keep the players moving. Games used to be played in an hour and 50 minutes. A limitation must be placed on TV to enable the minors to survive. The majors are making money. I'm definitely of the belief that frills like gate prizes will ultimately hurt baseball."

Governor of Colorado
"First, eliminate the bonus player. These kids would be of more service to the minor leagues and to themselves than they are to the major clubs. Second, let the majors take over the farm clubs. At the end of each season, the teams that finish last should have the first pick in the draft."

Governor of Idaho
"Let's spread the big leagues around the country. That would be good for baseball and for the nation. The best players are now being developed in the Midwest, West and South. Minor league clubs, with the majors' help, should pay players what they deserve. It would encourage boys to play."



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