September 11, 1955

The MATCHWIT puzzle is the only duet crossword in the world. To solve it, couples may sit opposite each other at a card table or well-balanced lapboard. At the signal, both contestands start solving. The definitions are daffy—watch out for the puns, anagrams and persiflage; let your mind wander. Some of the words link the two puzzles together, permitting one player to do the other in the eye. Save these till last. If both players get stuck, the puzzles may be reversed and the solving resumed. First one finished wins. It's designed for two but one can play it alone.


1. One way to catch a fly.
5. He gave a leg to a whale.
9. Opera star from the coast.
14. Mary Little's middle name.
15. Only half alone.
16. Heep big man.
17. This takes the cake.
18. Short course in mathematics.
19. One-third of Christopher's fleet.
20. Depend on this.
21. Ready for anything.
23. It's always under foot.
25. Small relative of a salary.
27. Sinbad's air lift.
29. Blow this on your horn.
32. Girls named after a box-owner.
37. Goddess of the World Series.
38. Where to find keys: Abbr.
39. Go back lo a former state.
42. Little girl.
43. One in a hundred.
45. B.C. Roman.
46. Part of Odet's works.
47. What to feed Nashua or Swaps.
49. To be or not to be.
51. Famous king who dropped his "h."
54. Kind of down or up.
55. What comes before after?
56. — — loop.
59. This woman was always rushin'.
61. She's a deer friend.
62. The end of a stamp.
64. Beery.
65. Ups and downs of the younger set.
67. Feel bad.
69. Miss Gardner and sailor.
71. Rocky mountain product.
75. They're cooked up by Ginger.
76. Where something's always cooking.
78. They're in the army now.
79. Reason for saying "Eureka."
80. Something like what Little Miss Muffet sat on.
82. A kind of house.
84. Thirty days: Abbr.
85. Actress afflicted with ennui.
90. Obviously a corny story.
94. Not at all.
96. — diem.
97. What many people go West for.
99. Next to the last Little Indian.
100. Like a bump on a log.
101. A piece of the door show.
102. One's Mr. Slaughter.
103. Run-of-de-mill girl.
104. Con's last name.
105. Sedimental Southerners.


1. How to stop baseball.
2. He makes it permanent.
3. Girl who often gets aid.
4. Proper place to get a sunburn.
5. It's a city in Italy.
6. Smart headgear in the underworld.
7. Koko's little one.
8. Grandstand play.
9. A little dough in Soho.
10. It's down east in Cuba.
11. A kind of bad sailor.
12. Canary fancier.
13. Exclamatory end of Nebraska city.
22. Two words for father.
24. Open and shut affair.
26. He takes chances.
28. On the top of the wave.
30. On bended knee.
31. Red — — beet.
32. He's first-class.
33. Half of a half-and-half.
34. Miss Tucket.
35. He took his degree in chemistry.
36. These bring counterattacks from women.
40. An instance of upbraiding.
41. Contents of cellars.
44. Hair apparent.
46. This about covers everything.
48. The work of old masters.
50. Donkey serenade.
51. Kind of American.
52. They're often ruled by fowls.
53. Drinks mixed by poets.
57. It's out of this world.
58. Windsor à la King.
60. Where — —?
63. Girl who has lost mate?
66. A pressing matter.
67. Talks mix up Segura.
68. A small place to live in.
70. They always go to "Picnic."
72. East end of Windy City.
73. Old lady in London.
74. How to get advice.
77. Of particular interest (may twenty cents' worth).
79. Hanger-on the ticker.
81. A kind of interlude.
82. A real pro.
83. He always knows what he's talking about.
86. Plight at the wedding.
87. They precede B-2s.
88. Abbreviated pachyderm.
89. Man with plenty of give.
91. Famous Castle.
92. What's after French?
93. It comes before go.
95. Direction for coming to the Point.
98. Easy letters.


1. Oh, my! A pop concert!
5. Russian half of Las Vegas.
9. Comic opera singer from Buffalo.
14. Belonging to U.S.
15. What this gun was for.
16. Who's in the White House?
17. Work on the galleys.
18. Break this and you'll make no money.
19. A better man than Kipling.
20. Change into man's nickname.
21. Gal seen in Africa.
23. Soda water, ice, etc.
25. Hillary and Tenzing found Everest this way.
27. City full of sin.
29. Carbon copy.
32. Kind of feud used in Corsica.
37. It's expendable when tender.
38. Turkey's nemesis.
39. Cat that can look at a Broadway king.
42. What Miss America wants to be.
43. Requirement following knock?
45. Beat around the bush.
46. Chinese Red.
47. F. N. D.
49. Two words for an oriental.
51. Perennial state of the stag.
54. He goes to Williams.
55. Name of an opera "fan."
56. Believer in two-timing.
59. Provides soup to nuts.
61. He'd do well on a wet track.
62. It's dernier in France.
64. That is Latin.
65. A kind of wreck.
67. Once — — blue moon.
69. Obviously giving the gun.
71. Face-saving device for the umpire.
75. Part I for a traveller.
76. Old man of the sea.
78. Baby talk.
79. Does away with.
80. Where to find sardines.
82. A kind of pen that won't write.
84. Where Xanthippe went walking.
85. Change from Czech to Choctaw.
90. He knows the importance of being.
94. This has B.A.
96. Girl approaching united state.
97. He's not a chairman.
99. Matt's first name.
100. It's full of Japanese.
101. Gives to a Scotsman.
102. Throat ailment.
103. Golf club with top broken off.
104. Waiters' quarters.
105. Paulo and Pedro.


1. Frosts.
2. Murphy of movies.
3. Put the finger on this.
4. It's found in a maze.
5. Moms, not pops.
6. Nine copies of a magazine.
7. Ain't grammatical.
8. A very thin coat.
9. Outsize Jonathan.
10. There are strings to this.
11. Low land.
12. Source of Eve's fashionable attire.
13. She's in Formosa.
22. A kind of string.
24. Guided missiles of early movies.
26. A lot of nonsense.
28. One way to be scared.
30. Has a high old time.
31. Mr. Smith and others.
32. It's often moving.
33. This marks the spot.
34. Born in France.
35. Story with long-drawn-out end.
36. Romeo in Paris.
40. Duck down.
41. Base maneuver.
44. He gives away kings and queens.
46. Road man.
48. Three informative letters.
50. The heart of the matter.
51. A bustle in Shakespeare's play.
52. Vegetable good to the last bite.
53. Established on first.
57. Made a point.
58. Good fellows in clubs.
60. It's kind of rummy.
63. "— — true what they say about Dixie?"
66. Sundae best.
67. Get all lit up.
68. Latin force takes the count.
70. They're all cracked up.
72. Khan man.
73. He's sometimes in law.
74. Results of haymakers.
77. Almost colossal.
79. Revered literary star.
81. Where to find four jokers.
82. He makes money with one arm.
83. How Gray's flower is born to blush.
86. Where the skies are not cloudy all day.
87. Nautical direction.
88. Bully part of Austria.
89. Put on the brake legally.
91. Member of the Muse family.
92. Bill that raised the dickens.
93. A kind of drop.
95. Snouty ones.
98. Agency of the freeze.




Eagle (-2)
Birdie (-1)
Bogey (+1)
Double Bogey (+2)