Sept. 12, 1955
Sept. 12, 1955

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Sept. 12, 1955

Events & Discoveries
  • That's the cry that sends bankers, doctors and generals into the saddle for a five-day trek through Old California

  • From 36 states—and lands overseas—come the horsemen known as Los Rancheros Visitadores, an easy-going crew 500 strong that meets once a year in southern California. Riding, eating bulls' heads, or soaking guests, the Rancheros have fun

The Match Race
The Race—Mr. Fitz's Story
Conversation Piece:
Jones's Grand Slam
Keep In The Pink
  • This most common mishap should receive more than casual treatment

Rare Dogs
Tip From The Top
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


14, 15—Drawings by Ajay
27—top, A.P.
30—Roy Stevens-TIME
36—Phil Bath
39—John Nesom
40—Jay B. Leviton-Black Star
42—European, I.N.P.
43—top, European, U.P.
45—Jay B. Leviton-Black Star
48—Underwood & Underwood
49—Drawings by Paul Peck
56—Jerry Cooke
61—Richard Meek
72—Tom Burnside

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