Sept. 19, 1955
Sept. 19, 1955

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Sept. 19, 1955

Events & Discoveries
Conversation Piece: Subject: Archie Moore
  • Challenger Moore tells in his own words—and Artist Robert Riger's drawings show—how Moore expects to win the world's heavyweight championship from Rocky Marciano in next Tuesday night's big fight

West Coast Football
The Wonderful World Of Sport
Fisherman's Calendar
Wild Goose
  • Seven hundred miles north of Toronto in the vast prairielike marshes of James Bay, Canada, some 600,000 congregating blue geese put on the biggest show a goose hunter can hope for—their annual rest stop before the 2,000-mile gantlet run south

Part II: Jones's Grand Slam
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


•Georgia Tech vs. Miami (Fla.). The Hurricanes have the running, the Yellow Jackets the passing. Traditionally tough in Atlanta, GEORGIA TECHE.

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•Georgia vs. Mississippi. Initial impulse said Georgia but the size and speed of the Rebels convinced me. OL' MISS

•Pittsburgh vs. California. John Michelosen makes his debut as Pitt coach against graduation-riddled Cal. A new coach with veterans versus a Veteran coach with new players. PITTSBURGH.

•USC vs. Washington State. Trained in hundred-plus temperatures, the men from Troy have that lean and hungry look. Such men are dangerous. USC

•UCLA vs. Texas A&M. The UCLAns better not dream too much of the Mary land game or they might be rudely awakened by the Aggies. Still UCLA.

•Missouri vs. Maryland. Tatum' Terps travel to Columbia to pay their respects to Don Faurot, the patron saint of the split T. Comfortably, MARYLAND.

•Texas vs. Texas Tech. The Red Raiders from Lubbock are loaded but Texas after a disappointing season, is hungry and the game is in Austin. TEXAS.

•Florida vs. Mississippi State. State this season would be a fit foe for any body but Florida is much improved. It's a real close one, FLORIDA.

•LSU vs. Kentucky. The Wildcats passing combination of Bob Hardy to Bob Schnellenberger should be too much for LSU...KENTUCKY.

•Texas Christian vs. Kansas. Bleedin Kansas really bled last year. The Hornet Frogs from Fort Worth are bigger, faster and more experienced. All this adds us to...TEXAS CHRISTIAN.


Arkansas over Tulsa
Baylor over Hardin-Simmons
Clemson over Presbyterian
Houston over Montana
Wyoming over Kansas State
Nebraska over Hawaii
Rhode Island over Northeastern
Oregon State over Brigham Young
Richmond over Randolph-Macon
South Carolina over Wofford
Stanford over College of the Pacific
Utah over Oregon
Tulane over VMI
Virginia Tech over Wake Forest
Washington over Idaho